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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Mind Your P's and... and Peas!

Yesterday I was out patrolling for agricultural malfeasance and rural crime. The heat of the day had driven the city's senior delinquents indoors for the a/c - so it was time for Captain Sweatpants to head out into the countryside!

I promptly got lost on the backroads and could only tell that I was north east of Aaaaadmontin and south east of Fort Sascratchmybum. It was hot, sunny, and idyllic. I parked the bike at the side of the road, pulled out a water bottle and started guzzling. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..... I was gonna unzip and take a quick leak when I heard the distant rumble of heavy metal machines. A LOT of heavy metal machines! I cracked my knuckles, flexed my mighty biceps and loosened up for a fight!

Oh shit. It's the dreaded Tractor Gang!

Large Marge was in the lead. With this many super-villains I didn't
dare start a fight!

Cheeto Man wisely gave me a wide birth... he's fast
and deadly but I could take care of him
handily in a fair fight and he knows it!!!

Infuriating! Mustard Man gave me a friendly wave just like we
were old buddies!
Super Villains and Hubris are old friends...

This is one of those mysterious Alphalpha Males the Manosphere
keeps prattling about. Keep drivin' buddy and
ya won't get hurt!

It was a tense situation as all those miscreants rolled by! HAR HAR HAR! PP over at the smallhold is probably their ring leader!

They must have been off to a parade somewhere, and I sat there basking in the charm of old world Alberta machines even after they were gone. Sometimes God just gives ya a gift out of the blue, I suppose.... but I had places to be too. I found a neat little place called Skaro and will have to consult BW... He may already have posted better pics on his blog over there.

Anyhoo, it's a short weekend here, I gotta go up to Fort Mac. There's my next week ruined... have a great Sunday, y'all.


  1. What a great treat to see! (Looks like my road at harvest time) :o)

  2. What I like is that they aren't just show pieces! They are as ready and willing to go to work today as they were when they rolled off the assembly line...