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Friday, 26 August 2016

More Senior Delinquents

I had to shake my head at Flapz. That boy is an endless source of consternation for me and I've decided to make it my responsibility to see that he grows up right! HAR HAR HAR! So far I've failed miserably!

Anyhoo, he comes home from vacation (the fag towed his Harley out to Vancouver to ride it because he was just too much of a pussy to ride it there). After he puts his crap away the first thing he does is check on his womenfolk. Flapz is single and lives alone, but his mom, sister, and grandmother live in a large opulent home nearby. Grandma is widowed and mom and the sister are single.

When he checks in he notices grandma isn't moving around that well. At 96 she is still mentally aware and reasonably mobile - she's a warm, intelligent woman whom I have met a couple times. When he goes to take her hand she pulls away protectively and Flapz commences to smell a rat. It turns out the old bird had broken her pinky finger. It hung down at an odd angle but she got all huffy and pissy when he tried to say anything about it. "If I just hold this hand in the other hand - it doesn't hurt!" The lady is warm and polite, but she's as tough as nails too. How did this happen, Flapz demands! Well...Grandma fell when she was getting into bed... and Flapz snaps. He bundles Grandma out to the clinic where they set the finger and do an exam - she has a broken hip too - but it's not as serious a break as most. She'll recover on light duty.

Flapz is furious. He sets her up with one of those 'Life Sign' pendants where if you fall and can't reach your beer, you push the button and the ambulance is on the way. He's looking at in-home care and assisted living for her and dreading the idea of getting her into some kind of home. The old bird is ferociously independent and won't go easy either...

So I look at all this drama going on over there and think about how I've been down with bronchitis...and I'm shamed. I've been sleeping like a log and dragging my ass at work - while Flapz' Grandma shows everyone how it's done.

I guess the lesson here is yer never to old to learn something, and yer never too old to teach either!

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  1. Don't ever even think of messin' with us old broads.....