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Friday, 12 August 2016

Pity Won't Cut It

Yeah, I feel for the millennials too. Uncle Bob says public schools should be burned to the ground, and that the earth upon which they stood should be salted. Ol' Bob is softie and restrained in his viewpoints. I would go further: I think every second public school teacher should be taken out and shot at random as a warning to the others. The kids go from the warm fuzzy safe schools where everyone plays and thinks a certain way, carefully guided by Marxist degenerates who are mostly immature failures themselves - and get thrown head first into the real world to sink or swim. I know how hard it is because it was bad when I was a kid. The universities and colleges at the time screamed bloody murder too - "what in hell are you guys teaching these kids?" they railed at the teachers,  "25~35% of the kids enrolled in those programs washed out for maturity reasons alone!" It shames me to say that I was one of them.

Pity was the last thing my parents felt, I was thrown into the boiling lobster pot to sink or swim and though they helped at times they never forgave me for not having the maturity to make it good on my own. I'm not griping, they did the best thing for me and shamed me for it. I grew up fast and made up for time lost in public school. But let me tell you - I know exactly what these kids are going through and pity is the last bloody thing they need. They need to grow up and the only way they'll do that is if there is no alternative. I drove forklifts, pumped gas and worked for peanuts and for 'managers' that weren't fit to shine shoes. Some were openly psychotic and criminal in their conduct. I learned to spot and recognize them and avoid them and was shocked - the more familiar and schooled I became in the ways of assholes and psychotics - the more similarities I saw in them and the public school teachers of my youth. Yes, there are good public school teachers, but they ARE the exception, not the rule. They're getting worse too.

My biggest mistake and failure in life was turning my daughter over to the same education system that failed me so badly. 12 years in school with another 5 at "college" produced a militant lesbian social justice warrior that thinks she has the right to shove her sexuality and politics down your throat, while being free to mock and deride yours. Last I heard she was working part time in a bicycle shop - in her 30's.

Usually a father stops being a father when the child is in it's late teens or early 20's. If I understand the pattern correctly it's a transformation for both the father and the child - the kid becomes an adult, and Pop goes from being a guardian to a confidant. My kid is still learning that actions have consequences; you can choose your actions but seldom can you choose the consequences. And she sees that as mean, hateful and intolerant. So do a lot of stupid adults that should know better.

Cry me a river, kids. Don't call me a privileged old fart either, when I hit the job market youth unemployment ran 35% at times so I was forced to do the jobs you kids are turning your nose up at. Shitty jobs are part of growing up. You do them, you pocket the cash and keep going until you can find something better. Employers admire grit, work ethic and effort. Stop making excuses for yourself. Stop letting well intentioned stupid people make excuses for you. Take ownership of your problems - and YOU solve them. It's do-able.  It's hard and at times it sucks - but it eventually pays off. 'Doing your time in the salt mines' is a right of passage into adulthood. If you square up, set your shoulders to it with a positive attitude and smarts - it WILL pay off.


  1. Y'know; my kids won't listen to me either. Society says “Your mom and dad aren't rich, so they can’t POSSIBLY know what they’re talking about. And don’t even THINK about believing there is a God!” Meanwhile, they bounce from one crappy job to another, wondering why they haven't gotten anywhere in life. All you and I can tell our kids is "You might want to listen to me for a change. I didn't make it this far by being STUPID!"

  2. Sometimes the School of Hard Knocks is the best damn university they will ever attend. Going hungry because of laziness is a great eye opener, too....

  3. I went to public school, and graduated in 1970. About half of the school teachers I had should never have been in the school system. I can remember a few that should have been in prison for felonious assault.

    I had a few abusive, somewhat psychotic managers as well.

    You learn, one way or another.

  4. Yup. It just ain't fair, none of it...but it's life....