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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Shooting From The Lip

Good lord.Who woulda thunk that being offended is so much fun?

I know that I'm a little rough around the edges. The people I work with are generally triple digit IQ types that are too smart for the bullchit of political correctness and they are capable of a sense of humour. Most of my customers are warm and informal and won't hesitate to take a cheap shot or let the opportunity for a rude joke go by - so long as there's a good laugh in it and it's all in fun.

The other day I was out at one of the project sites dropping off some equipment and BSing with the clients as we checked the items off on the paper work. And lo and behold, a discrepancy popped up. No big deal, we noted it, and both signed off on it and I told the client we'd send him a corrected copy of the paperwork shortly.

I put it all on an email to both my client and my inside guy. "Bill, please correct the following order to include pump no. XXXXX, serial no. YYYYY. Darrell - sorry for the gong show, Bill will have the corrected paperwork for us shortly." Cordially yours, yadda yadda yadda - and I thought nothing of it.


The morons in the office FREAKED.  "Gong show? GONG SHOW?!?!?" Our admin bint is a scrawny, neurotic harridan that just lives for melodrama and conflict. And then our new idiot manager started ripping a strip off me for being unprofessional and portraying the company in a bad light with the customers. I just laughed and told him to relax - it was a thoughtless quip that the client would think nothing of, nobody was mad - settle down. Well - he lost his shit and got even madder and started giving me a sanctimonious lecture on how to treat clients. I listened until I had had enough and then told him: I let the clients set the tone when I'm dealing with them. If I am in a room full of suits I am every bit the politically correct and proper speaker, and professional all the way through. If I'm on site with the guys in hard hats and the tone is light and cheerful I will joke and josh with them as I see fit and if the children in the office can't handle that - I could care less. Don't tell me how to do my fuggin job!

I know he's a new manager. I get it. Quite frankly, he's in over his head with the economic forecasts and looming oil bust but I see exactly how this guy is going to handle it: he's going to stick his nose up the senior management's ass, tell them exactly what they want to hear and when he runs the branch into the dirt - they're going to point the finger at the sales guys. That's what I suspect, and I've already decided I will not stick around for that. I will quit first.

I can't afford to retire yet. But I have saved some money and could sure use a holiday. I don't have to do this. The only reasons I'm still here is that I love the family that owns the company, I love the clients and until this idiot manager showed up - I was left to do my thing without interference. I hate micro-managers and I HATE political correctness. That was another reason I took the job - but now the office scolds and tattle-tales type are moving in... and I just don't have time for this shit.

I suspect I may be having a word with the owners about their middle management flunkies soon, and possibly a pink slip too.

Maybe it's time to turn the page on this chapter of my life and move on.


  1. I have seen a lot of dumb management as well. Good times hide a lot of stupidity, bad economic times exposes it. I am with you, I hate political correctness as well. I hope it all works out.