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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Scribble: Anathema

Ol' faggoty Fred has had a politically incorrect epiphany. Unlike most I don't have much respect for Fred. Awhile back the old fart was trolling his readers by trying to discredit race realists based on the exceptions to the rules. Whatever. Suffice it to say that stuff like this is anathema to most easy going liberal Boomers. "What now?!?!?" the old fart gobbles in fright, "WHAT NOW???"

And right on cue - another elderly Boomer steps up to comfort faggoty Fred and offer solutions. Ummmm... yeah. Like that's gonna happen. I like Peter, the good Pastor has a heart of gold but the boy's a little soft in the head. He's got a lot more faith in the human animal than I do.

What now, boys? Why - violence, Fred. Don't listen to the Pastor, he thinks people are capable of common sense and unfortunately common sense ain't that common. Stock up on guns, supplies - and popcorn.

Consider: we now have entire generations and communities addicted to welfare. Because liberals think work is unfair and cruel punishment - they couldn't do productive work if their lives depended on it. They have been brought up without work ethics (or ethics at all!) and often in an environment where rule of law is not available. How are you going to take a black vibrant and throw him into an environment where he has to be productive, accountable and responsible? Combine that with an average IQ of 85... and there's no nice way to say it. America has a nigger problem and it's spreading to other races and communities too.

This is just summer entertainment. What do you
think will happen when you stop feeding these animals, Pastor?
They won't buckle down and go to work
because they don't know how.

So...what now? Sporadic race wars - possibly a full blown civil war. For now, that is as far as I would plan. The real question is going to come after the Darwinian culling is done.

What then? Apartheid? Slavery? Indentured serfdom? Seriously - I'm asking! What do you do with people that can't read, don't want to work and won't improve themselves or their circumstances? Vote for Hillary Clinton and find out, I suppose.

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