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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Fort Mac Fires And An Economic Report

Earlier this year Fort McMurray (in Alberta's Tar Sands region) was devastated by a forest fire that destroyed many homes and businesses. It was just another kick in the back side the town didn't need with the slumping oil economy.

I don't know if you can say they've recovered yet... but things are moving up here again. Hwy 63 is busy both ways, and people are getting on with business. My customers are pretty much flat - but there has to be some work going on round here judging from all the traffic. The burned out forests are a grim sight but what astounds me is the proliferation of greenery in all that. The undergrowth has already recovered and is 2~3 feet tall in places.

On my street back at home, one house has gone up for sale, and the townhouses round the corner...well, there's 5 of them up for sale. Young people are good economic indicators, in my opinion. They are starting to sell property - is it because they want to move up? Or get out from under the mortgage? I'm not sure - but I take the proliferation of starter homes up for sale as a negative economic indicator, myself. The commies in gubbermint are going to bring down a bunch of carbon taxes on the oilpatch and I suspect that when that happens - younger people and those overextended will start to walk away from their homes.

But it's not all bad. The union slobs, the snivel servants and the gubbimint workers will do quite well for themselves. They always do!

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