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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

True North

There used to be a beer commercial about 'Patio Season'

When I was younger and able to sink beer by the keg I always looked forward to Patio Season. In Canada, being able to eat and drink on the patio is a big deal because you can only do it in real comfort for a couple months out of the year. We lived like kings: Flapz, Baloney Bob, Skinbag and maybe some other goofs would go shoot up the trap and skeet club in the summer - and then pack off to some place that had a patio to eat, drink and BS afterward. Skinbag and I would often squabble like children over something or other while Flapz and Bob lazily watched the girls and waitresses, or we would harass any guests foolish enough to join us at the rod and gun club and drinks after. At the time I regarded it as a great way to kill time waiting for hunting season to roll around again. Bob was our high roller and would order a bottle of expensive wine and the rest of us guzzled whatever was on tap. I couldn't do much of it, it was very expensive and we were merciless about saving...but it sure did blow the dust off the brain.

Today of course, I'm deep in Heart Attack Country and have to start watching what I eat. If I drink more than a couple of beers I'm hung over the next day and good for nothing. It's funny how sometimes you're having the best time of your life without even realizing it. I don't mind growing up or growing old - the patio scene gets old and is best left for the kids anyways.

Do kids even do the patio these days? If they do I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. When I was in my mid twenties my fiance decided to have someone else's baby and then I flunked out of school and then my best friend killed himself.
    So, life stuck me on a Plan B for a while.
    When I dug out from that I hung out with my buddies at the local lounge.
    To hell with the brass ring.
    I'm just going to enjoy the simple things in life for a little while.
    And I did.
    Couple of years later it started getting old.
    Looking out the window of the bar in the wintertime or sitting on that patio in the summer.
    Eventually, I said there's got to be more than this and got back on the horse.