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Monday, 29 August 2016

True North

I've never seen it but I've heard of it: Extreme Couponing. If I understand this social phenomena correctly, it's where the prick in front of you at the grocery store wheels up to the cashier with a heavily laden cart full of goods - and a bloody fistful of coupons that the poor check out girl has to go through and verify. I've heard that sometimes it got so bad that people stood in line forever - and then finally walked away from their carts and left them rather than continue waiting in line. Seniors were typically the worst offenders although chronic cheapskates come in any age group I suppose.

I hate the modern department store with the heat of 1000 suns. Walmart is the worst - I hate the greeters, I hate the customers, I hate the $5.00/hour morons that work there and I hate their management. Up here in Canada, Ukranian Tire is probably the least offensive of these warts on the ass of Canadian society. But still - Crappy Tire money just pisses me off! If ya spend $25.00 there, they always give you those fuggin notes and usually it comes to about 15 cents.


So, what kind of bunghole is gonna tie up the till, the cashier and then the paper pushers further up the totem pole with shit like this? Just to process that transaction is gonna cost at least 20 bucks! Whine to me more about how cut throat and competitive the retail department store industry is, guys. And - while yer at it, pull my other finger! It has bells on it!!!

If I ever overthrow the gubbiment and take over, I will make it my first order of business to round up all the extreme couponers and their enablers - and send them to concentration camps where they will be killed as inhumanely as possible, and then turned into something useful like soap or lamp shades.

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  1. What's a matter? You don't like free toothpaste? :o)