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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Wednesday Culture Corner: The Guitarists

6 lanes of traffic, 3 lanes moving slow...ask BW some day
about where Old Alberta went. If he
were to reply in music it might sound a lot like Telegraph Road.
Turn it up and hang on to your mullet.

Big Bro is a failed musician that never made it big. He sounds like Mark Knopfler when he sings and it doesn't work for him... but when he's on his game he plays like Knopfler and that DOES work for him...very well. When we were younger and in better times I was able to catch him playing with the AGT Tupperware Band in such reputable dives as Uncle Bob's Treehouse and Chez Pierre's. Usually they drank beers and played for free in somebody's garage after work. The pot and beers came out and they didn't like farm boys and rednecks like Yours Truly about. But on a few occasions, Big Bro and I saw eye to eye and even made a temporary splash with the riff raff by performing together. I sang a few dirties while Big Bro made his guitar sing - and all was right in the world. Male bonding IS a thing and sometimes it actually happens - but never when you expect it. He taught me some elementary riffs and cords to play on a borrowed bass and we were told we sounded really good - but music isn't my thing and never was. I don't think Big Bro was happy with my decision to turn my back on music, I think he took it more as a personal rejection now that I reflect on it. Of course it makes sense now but 30 years ago I was oblivious. Making music is a far cry from savouring it. The radio and DJ's played it to death but my favourite Dire Straights tune has always been Money For Nothing.

Old Slow Hand. When the soul bleeds - you need a guitar.

Tracy Chapman is the coolest woman alive.
If there is one musician in the world that is TOO cool
for the guitar, Tracy is it.

As always, we finish with the best of the breed.
Bubbles learns us everything we need to know so that we too
can play it Closer To The Heart.

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