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Friday, 19 August 2016

Woman: Stifle Thyself

Wirecutter is at a loss to explain the behaviour pattern of these two females and has asked the learned wise men among his readership for an explanation. Behold, a rare thing of beauty in this age of obese feminists, pink-haired she-twinks, and sexual freaks shows:

It brings a tear to the eye...sniff...aren't they

It's Saturday afternoon. Your world is complete: a bowl of chips on the coffee table, a good movie on the tube or a game, the dogs are piled up on the floor nearby. You lie in stately repose upon the couch - and maybe fart or scratch your ass, and sigh with contentment.

And then the old lady comes in and spoils it all with some bullchit about how the lawn's gotta be mowed, or she wants you to get up and go shopping or it's time to walk the dogs...and the next thing ya know, your peace and contentment are ruined by the dogs chimping out and the old lady's out-gassing making any snoozing impossible.

Somebody, somewhere, has finally created the Self Stifling Woman - and she is a creature of beauty. These two ladies will make excellent wives for some lucky young men. For any of you ladies aspiring to self improvement - these two young lasses can show you the way.

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