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Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Lazy Fall Afternoon Ride

Yesterday was warm and sunny and I just had to take Ol' Red Betty out for a quick burn. I'm not happy, my iPod stereo system seems to be on the fritz.

Getting to ride this monster of a bike has been a bit of an adventure - she's 1700cc's of V Twin muscle and a bike that big takes some getting used to. Sure, she's right at home on the four lane flat top doing a buck 20 and keeping up with traffic - but the bike becomes a real bear to handle at low speeds. You're balancing a hell of a lot of weight! Put a passenger on and a full load of luggage - and you really have to develop skills to manage a bike this size. I suppose I shoulda bought a Goldwing with their low seat heights and centres of gravity... and I know that flat six is a superior engine to the V Twin... but romance and nostalgia will not be denied. This is my machine and I will probably ride it until I am so old that I am forced to downsize.

Yesterday I dared the gravel on the country roads. You really, really gotta watch it on sand and gravel with this bike, she's so heavy that getting mired is a real possibility. But you go slow and take care, and you can get into some nice scenery with a little caution.

That's just an old pic of it in a gravel parking lot. Yesterday I went down a soft gravel county backroad that was much worse and even got a nice pic out of it.

Just some abandoned outbuildings collapsing
somewhere north of Tofield

It was something of a revelation to me though. I lust after the Indian Motorcycles and came with in a hair of buying a big Chieftain during the summer. Now I'm glad I didn't! Would you want to drive a chrome plated, shiny metal rocks and gravel? It's a lot easier on the ego to get dents and chips on a metric bike than it is on a dream machine. I am not going to abuse Ol' Red Betty...but I'm not going to pamper her either.

I gotta clean out the trunk one of these days...

When I was a kid my grandparents were British royalists/loyalists that had the best hard candy money could buy. They came in metal tins that had pictures of British palaces and royalty on them, or those soldiers with the red coats and tall bear fur hats. I haven't been able to find them so I get by with these for travel candy. They're alright... but they aren't the same as the ones my grandparents had. Travel candy just seems to make the miles go by better.

Summer is definitely drawing to a close when
there isn't a line up at Mom's Ice Cream Corral.

No, I didn't go into Mom's Ice Cream Corral because I am watching my weight. I don't want to be a big fat ugly slob like Uncle Bob or BW, HAR HAR HAR!!!! (Actually it was because my wife sent me a text saying she had bought me a big vanilla milkshake at Dairy Queen back in town). Maybe I DO need to bulk up a little bit.... :)

The leaves aren't falling yet, but they will soon. The friggin hornets just lose their chit this time of year though - they're everywhere, and the damned things are mean. They menaced me when I stopped and splattered themselves all over the bike when I was moving. I fired up the bike and went home at top speed to have my milkshake. I will be back this way soon though.

Fall is coming!


  1. Hey! I am somewhat svelte.

    We are on the same page regarding bikes. I do not pamper mine, it is meant to be driven. People who do not ride do not understand this can be a bit of a workout with balancing the weight and fighting the wind. It is all part of the fun.

    1. Sorry BW, I am just bitter and twisted because I outweigh a small destroyer or pocket battleship. :(

      I don't really notice the wind much with the big cruiser... but mushy terrain? Oh yeah, I really notice THAT...

  2. FYI:

    You're welcome :o) .........

    1. You're a life saver CM.

      Didjya see what I did there? HAR HAR HAR! :)