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Saturday, 3 September 2016

At The Playground With Your Favourite Bloggers Circa 1900

We was all lil gaffers then. I'm falling off the high bars over at the left. Uncle Bob nutted himself up there in the middle, and BW and WC are fighting to the death on the ladder
over on the right... ah, cherished memories....

Actually 1900 was a little before my time. But as a kid in the 60's you could still occasionally see playgrounds like this. They were often found in those free road side campgrounds that used to be everywhere, back when smudge pots were still used to warn of civic road work.

The world moves on.


  1. Growing up, we didn't have that kind of playground equipment in my district.

    The teachers secretly wished we did, since most of the boys liked to play Cow Boys and Indians.

    1. You must be a young pup Quartermain... I think the old equipment started to disappear when I graduated in the early 80's...

    2. I graduated at the end of the '70's, I think I have a couple of years on you.

  2. Whippersnappers all of 'ya! We danced around a Maypole and when that was over we would see who could pump the fastest and highest and wrap the swings around the bar without falling off!