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Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Couple A Queers

...barged in on our Home Economics class at Retard School yesterday and noticed we were all learning everything we needed to know about baking. BW was covered in flour, PP got his nose caught in a mixer, and WL had fallen asleep under the table. They were so impressed with us that they asked our teacher, Mrs. Chubster, if she could have the class bake a wedding cake for them.

She said sure! It would be a great way to learn us all about diversity, acceptance and political correctness! We'd all bake a cake and the queers could pick the winner and we could all go celebrate ourselves.

I got a strap and a three day suspension for this.
Some rot about racism and that they aren't even a cake or gay enough.
Hell's bells! They're cupcakes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wirecutter got a spanking and expelled for inappropriate baking. I
can see it - that is definitely NOT a cake...
but otherwise I see no problems. Oh well, screw him, he's white and
male so he obviously deserves his punishment!

The rest of the class did little better. Turns out we're ALL racists, bigots, homophobes, sexists and other perverts and losers and that everything we do, right down to and including breathing - is offensive!

Who knew?

Thankfully we had one success. Quartermain saved the day with his Social Justice Warrior Bundt Cake - in all the frooty colours of the rainbow!

Have a good Thursday, y'all! Don't forget to shame us for our foolishness!  ;)


  1. That second one looks like Dickface the cat!

    1. I think Dick Face should be the new blog mascot...

  2. She said sure! It would be a great way to learn us all about diversity, acceptance and political correctness!

    I read this and put my drink down. Good thing, too.

    I'd have gladly given $50, a bottle of bourbon, and an exotic dancer to have been a part of that class.

    Those cupcakes are fucking priceless! And the cat cookies from wire - that's great! But the one taking the cake prize is clearly rainbow cake with dildo.

    What a howl! I really needed a good politically incorrect laugh today - I'm no longer depressed. Straight money, thanks.

    1. You'd fit right in Jack! thanks for stopping by! ;)

  3. By the way, what did Ms. Chubster do when she found out the truth about Wirecutter and spankings?