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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Blog Wars

One of the pleasures of being an old fart is being able to say what you want because nobody takes old farts seriously. With the possible exception, of course, of the very young and the very stupid. I don't exactly troll the boys of the manosphere and tend to ignore most - however I do enjoy crapping in the comments over at Jim's Blog from time to time. He loves a good debate or argument and like myself, doesn't get too much of his ego into it. He's concluded (probably correctly) that I am a loon.

For my part, one of the biggest mistakes I see going on in the Manosphere is the one being perpetrated by Jim and the boys. They view women as one of life's unavoidable liabilities and blame them for the decline of our morals and society. Lord knows they have a lot of ammo for that argument. So ingrained is that in their collective psych, that to dispute it brings on fits of rage amongst his fan boys who also think feral women are ruining the world.

You fucking faggot.
– ALL empires rise and fall. Patriarchies included.
Yes, and the way patriarchies fall is well documented to be through democracy, socialism and feminism.
– Anything that hurts one gender ultimately hurts them both.
What the fuck does this even mean, faggot?
– There is no net societal gain in making smart women subservient to stupid men or vice versa.
– The pasty faced beta male feminist is a stereotype.
Tell that to my Facebook feed YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. Do I need to screencap a few pages of pasty faced beta male feminists posting feminism to scrounge for likes from women who just don’t see them that way? YOU FUCKING FAGGOT.
– I see plenty of sexual immorality there and in your heroes like Jian Ghomeshi.
Ghomeshi was never a hero, was always evidence that YOU ARE A FUCKING FAGGOT
– Patriarchal societies run by dishonourable men are not going to be better than what we have now.
they’re better in the sense that they are capable of continuing to exist, which is the only biological criterion for superiority, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK
– in all the history of mankind, the standard of living has never been higher than it is right now.
Yes, and that’s all going away, due to YOUR FUCKING FAGGOTRY
– If we were to rewind the clock to biblical times, most of us guys here would be dead, or slaves, peasants or expendable cannon fodder for the noble class.
better than being consigned to a mancave with chicken tendies and a gaming pc and no chance at a family ever YOU FUCKING FAGGOT
– Idiots that don’t learn from history are damned to repeat it.
yes, they are, YOU FUCKING 20th CENTURY FAGGOT

Holy mackaral!!! The old adage goes that if yer gonna get hit with a bucket of shit - make sure that ya close yer eyes! I'm still picking the peanuts and corn off my face after that one! Why, I've been treated BETTER at Uncle Bob's Treehouse!!! HAR HAR HAR!

Gotta say the dining experience at The Treehouse
is better than the one at Jim's!

Let us make no mistake. Women may be destroying everything - but men are behind them all the way with that. Look at Hillary Clinton - she is surrounded by and supported by more stupid men than you can shake a stick at. I once traded words with another popular blogger that seriously thinks Cankles is gonna take on the eeeeeeeeeevil rich people, do something about all the Mexican scum of the earth flooding over the border, and give free money to spoiled seniors who are already enjoying a gold plated retirement. The guy has the sum of all the knowledge of mankind at his finger tips via the computer - yet this is what he thinks.

What set off that angry, bitter young man over at Jim's? Well - I committed an unpardonable sin: I proposed the idea of viewing women as assets to a marriage or a family - not liabilities. The boys think that women are just too damn stupid to take responsibility for themselves and their future and should be relieved of all the responsibilities of an adult. Here is my heresy: the families that came west in covered wagons and settled the frontier: the womenfolk were not brainless children even if the laws of the time treated them that way. Women had to step up, they had to do the hard work and make the tough decisions AND raise a family. They had to be smart and resourceful. They had to be generous and respectable. Men that didn't respect women found themselves at great disadvantage - just as they do today. But those old school women are still out there today. There's not as many of them as there used to be...but they are there. In fact, their numbers are growing a bit. Women aren't dumb, and a future as a cat lady will not appeal to most. It is my conviction that the dismal divorce rates are not only a function of women seeking cash and prizes in no-fault divorce settlements - but the fact that couples aren't doing their homework before they get married. A good, happy classical marriage results after a good, long classical courtship. A man has to suss out all the issues with a potential mate BEFORE he marries her - and people just aren't doing that in today's hook-up or promiscuous culture.

By contrast, Jim and the boys think arranged marriages are the answer, along with the removal of all women's rights. I can just imagine the marriage my idiot father in law would have arranged for his daughter. Shudder.

For me, I wouldn't want a subservient 'yes-woman' for a wife. A woman like that isn't any better than a domineering, loudmouthed femcnut. I like the fact that if I get hurt or injured or incapacitated - my wife can look after herself if I can't. I like the fact that she is a saver and a prepper just like me. The fact is that these Warriors of The War Of The Sexes are all idiots. If our women go down, you can bet your ass we will go down with them. Hell, we already are! If we hurt them, we hurt ourselves.

Jim and the boys don't even know what marriage is - to them it's some kind of demented power struggle. It's supposed to be playing as a team to better things for both of you and your kids. I feel sorry for Jim and his fans. They have a very hard, painful road ahead of them... but the sad truth is that the majority of their wounds will be self inflicted.

The Battle Of The Sexes continues apace.


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    1. When I need to decompress I go hang out with the chickens at Coopville or the miscellaneous livestock out at the Smallhold.

      I like cats, but they are a foolish people with a penchant for evil.