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Saturday, 10 September 2016

But...But...They're CANADIAN, Dontchya Know...

...and only the BEST equipment will do!!!!!!

Shit like this drives me up the wall.

The Canadian Rangers. Supposedly these intrepid natives guard the True North Strong And Free and are an official unit of our military. And - because of the extreme environment (and unofficially because of the guys that, ahem, "operate" in it) - standard military rifles weren't applicable for duty.

Yes, anyone else in those arctic environments can and do use the standard military rifles with no problems. The Canadian Rangers, though, have been using the .303 Lee Enfield.

There's nothing wrong with the ol' .303. But it is OLD... and is obsolete on the battlefield.

In it's day this was one of the most advanced assault rifles in the world - 120 years ago. Today it's a great range gun for paperwork, an okay hunting rifle - and perfect for the alcoholic, binge-drinking Canadian Rangers that supposedly guard the northern passages of our nation. I suspect this charade of military service is a politically correct means of funding these first nation free loaders and an effort at giving them some semblance of legitimacy and cultural value. It isn't working, by the way - only liberals and stupid people believe any of that. In any event, with the boys using guns that are older than their deceased grandfathers, some so badly rusted that the actions are welded shut from neglect - some dim bulb decided these drunken toss pots needed new guns.

The price tag on this piece of shit is $2700.00!!!

Seriously. Are you shitting me? Good lord - Tikka is the low end label for Sako. Sako makes fair enough rifles on the middle to high end of the gun market. Tikka caters to the lower scale of the market (read bargain bin) and is a sister company to Sako. As an opinionated gun geek I say there isn't a Tikka going that is worth a quarter of that! How many of these things are those drunks buying? This is a gubbiment boondoggle at its worst - and not a word in the press. I guess we don't really care or notice unless the price tag for it is in the millions or billions.

By contrast: you can get a mint condition Lee Enfield .303 for about $700.00~$800.00. It would be a shame though, because they are beginning to fall into collector status - and you don't want pristine artifacts in the hands of native drunks., how about this?

The Ruger Scout Rifles. $995.00 over at P&D last time I looked. They'll do anything
that POS made by Tikka will.

But...why are we even talking about bolt guns? If the Canadian Rangers were actually military men, and not a clusterf*** of drunken natives - they should be shooting standard NATO compliant semiautos. But - silly me - that would require them to sober up and maintain their equipment like white men. And as we all know, that is hatey and racisssss.

But I suppose there is a symmetry going on here: useless, overpaid people using an overpriced piece of crap for a rifle. It just pushes all the wrong buttons for me.

The Prime Minister and some other white guy pose with the formidable
Canadian Rangers including Captain Joe Catface, Private Tom Brownshorts, and Jim Dead Horse....
Our best men are standing on guard for thee-
Now with new and improved rifles!!!


  1. well, mr. filtjie, perhaps it keeps them off the streets?
    you know, a sop.

    1. We already give them free food, free housing, free education, free medical, business and tax advantages that normal Canadians will never get - and all we have to show for it are endless boondoggles like this.

      I would be more impressed with them if they stopped posing as productive Canadians and started working like them...