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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Contrasting Cats: Unsinkable Sam & Sinkable Sam

I love cats and always have. The dumbest cats in the world are usually long haired black and white ones. It is no coincidence that Sylvester The Cat is black and white because he is as dumb as a post too. I have not been able to discern whether it is the colour or the length of hair - but I am firmly convinced that one or both of those genotypes is genetically linked to stupidity. If Sam had any smarts he would have enlisted in the Air Force, HAR HAR HAR!

This eerie pic must be 'Sinkable Sam'. The author suspects
that the cougar fell through the ice on the creek - and drifted to this
final resting place.

Cats supposedly fear and loathe water. These guys above perplex me a bit because their behaviour conflicts with everything I know about it.

I began my scientific studies of cats back in the 60's.
My first test subject behaved exactly as I thought he should.

Obviously more study is required.

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  1. we have two cats. one is deathly afraid of water, the other takes regular showers with us.