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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Feeding Your Inner Pyro

One of the gun stores has a give-away contest going on smoke grenades. I'm surprised that the bed wetters and nannies in Canada's gubbimint haven't banned them yet.

Apparently that's about $250.00 worth of smoke grenades.

When I was a kid my favourite episode of Gilligan's Island was the one where Gilligan or The Skipper finds a big wooden crate of WW2 pineapple hand grenades. The episode ends when Gilligan's pet monkey gets hold of them and starts tossing them hither and yon. What a waste!

If I found a crate of them I would put three of them in my neighbour's compost bin and pull the pins all at once! Then I would go fishing down at the river and then - if I had any left - I would go to the dump and lob them into piles of garbage just to watch them blow up and make a mess!

Unfortunately in Canada only rag headed terrorists can get explosives - but smoke grenades are completely legal. Still - I could have some sport with these too. Put a couple of those through the Treehouse windows - and imagine Unca Bob and his scholars gagging, coughing and retching on green smoke! HAR HAR HAR! It would be totally worth the beating I would get!

An interesting fact: Besides cats - humans are about the only creatures on earth that wreck things just for fun.

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