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Friday, 30 September 2016

Friday F-Tards: Industrial Slovenliness 101

It's a crappy cell phone pic but if ya look over into the next yard, you can barely see a blue garbage can on the right with a green fork lift behind it.

Ya know how when the kitchen garbage can is full, you just stomp the pile down to compact it so ya don't have to empty it? And hope you aren't the poor slob that has to empty it when it becomes impossible to squish it down any more? That is what the guy on the fork lift is doing! He slung up a massive concrete traffic barrier - and he lifts it up and drops it repeatedly in the garbage bin to cram every last morsel into it as deeply as possible! HAR HAR HAR! Then, when some poor schmuck has to empty it ... he's gonna need a crow bar to pry all the garbage out! HAR HAR HAR! Awesome! What kind of idiot does something like that? You would have to take the time to sling up the concrete barrier, and bugger around at the garbage can for a half hour. What is the waste management company gonna do when they can't dump it?

It's called an industrial trash compactor, morons. Sheesh!

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