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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Friday Wind In The Wires: Aviation Art

I tend to go slumming in the senior's corner of the blogosphere because that is where the majority of the fashion and thought crime is - and stupid old farts need my moral authority more than most! I like the Old NFO - I think he's a retarded retired naval aviator with a penchant for aviation art. He's also written a series of thrillers called The Grey Man and I suspect he plagiarized the life of BW The World's Greatest Motorcycle Explorer for his novel, HAR HAR HAR! (Okay I made that up - but his books are supposedly top notch and I think I'm gonna buy one - one of these days). In any event I like aviation art too and I recognize a lot of the work he posts on his site. The artists usually work in oils and/or acrylics as all the old school boys do.

Take a look at what the new kids on the block are doing:

I am prohibited by law from posting Rule 5 stuff after all the horrible fatties and ghastly chubsters I put up - but I figure there's enough artistic merit in this one to get me off the hook. The kids are doing this stuff with computers and sometimes the quality just blows me away.  If I could get that on a poster it would be up in the shed or down in the shop in a heartbeat.

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