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Wednesday, 7 September 2016


I'm a prairie kid, born and raised. I've read about the fury of the sea and have seen pictures like these that just make my blood run cold. Out here the biggest water we get is what we have on shallow lakes that might produce waves a couple feet tall at the most. At worst it will spoil your fishin' trip or flood the creeks.

Apparently this is some lighthouse off the coast of France. Any building that can take a pounding like that has to have been built right.

But the sea is patient. Sure, that lighthouse stands fast for now, but water and wind can erode stone. In a couple centuries that lighthouse would be gone as if it were never there. A couple of centuries is a blink of the eye in the life of the ocean. To me there is something oddly alluring about this setting. I would love to be that guy in the pic and be that close to a sea in full rage.

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