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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Gloves & Saddles

Good grief! I went for a burn on the murdercycle before church this morning and nearly froze my arse off! GAH! It's starting to get chilly in the morning. The ol' Fireball ran rough for a few minutes when I started it - the bike seems to know it will be time to hibernate soon. The fall is on the way.

I'm kinda bummed because my home-made motorcycle gloves have just about packed it in. I've always wanted a pair of old-school motorcycle gloves - they're sort of like a gauntlet - but all I can find are those faggy 'Joe Rocket' brand gloves that have plastic armoured fingers n' knuckles on 'em. That's fine for kids and clippers I suppose... but I couldn't find a set of fashionable motorcycle gloves for love or money. The closest I could come were some of those cheap welding gloves - but they look like hell. After the rotten wood in my cranium smoldered for a few days I figured out that a guy can change the colour of leather by staining it! So's I went down to Tandy Leather, bought a bottle of leather dye and a $20.00 pair of welding gloves (that actually fit ... like the proverbial glove) - and went to work. There was a bunch of cool stuff at Tandy so I bought that too and put some farkles on the gloves for a joke.

Gloves fit for Michael Jackson - or the Village People maybe, HAR HAR HAR!!!
Nobody will steal them now.

When I did the leather dye they turned out great and everyone wanted to know where I was getting proper black welding gloves. A few half hearted efforts were made to filch them too! But, once I put my conchos on there... everybody left them alone!

In any event, the leather's wearing through and they're starting to come apart. All I ever used them for is riding - I think if an actual welder had bought them he'd be lucky to get a couple days out of them.

Time for some new ones - next year, maybe. This riding season is just about over for me.


  1. Love the farkles - now go back to Tandy and get the biker wallet kit. And don't forget the chain...

    1. Ayup! I got holster kids, moccasin kits and more leather than I know what to do with!