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Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Lookit this!!!!

This is the THIRD TIME this month!!! Look folks, as a courtesy and a public service I put these materials out beside the Thunderbox so that a fella has something to read while he does his business, and something to wipe with when he's done. Who did this?!?!? If you want the best piece of ass you've ever had to be the one you get when your finger pokes through the toilet paper - you're in the right place, smart ass! Thanks A LOT!!!

FFS. I had a pristine copy of The New York Slimes here a couple weeks ago. Bob made fish n chips and decided the Noo Yawk Slimes was the perfect fish wrap. Then I had a Koran out with half the pages still in it, and WC got offended and decided it would be a great way to start camp fires. Now this!!! I've had it!!!!

If anyone needs me I'll be finding my solace astride The Log Of Ease. Thankfully it's still early fall and there are still plenty of leaves.

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