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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hmmmppfffff! Right Under BW's Nose...

Interesting. Most interesting.

Right smack-dab in the middle of BW country! I'm off on holidays for the next week and hadn't planned on anything - but a quick trip in and out might be a fine way to finish off the motorcycle season.

This stuff is almost certainly going to be lighter fluid or bilge water. I am not snobbish man - but I get downright snooty about my booze. I've spent over $200.00 for a bottle of the good stuff several times (although that is nothing to write home about - real afficianados will shell out thousands for rare spirits I suppose - but that's about status, not about booze).

I am not up to speed on gin or vodka - and it seems like I will need to address this shortcoming in my education.

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  1. Try Citadelle gin. It has a nice flavor and is priced right. For a top shelf gin, I recommend Magellan. It's nice, but very pricey. One of the best Old Tom style gins is Beefeater's Wet, but it's been discontinued in the States. You might be able to get it in Canada, as I hear the professionals are more refined up that way.