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Sunday, 4 September 2016

I Am Not An Economist - Sunday Scribble

Nor am I a trader. The stock market to me, is located side by each to the stock yards that smell like cow manure. I work for my money, my money doesn't work for me.

Even so, I can see a financial shit storm of epic proportions coming. The wheels are coming off everywhere already. I hear that a hungry mob of Venezuelans put the run on Presidente Maduro the other day. I have no sympathy for them; they voted for free shit, they voted for the looter gov't and if they end up hunting each other's children for food it would serve them right. An American presidential candidate - a woman, no less, under investigation by the FBI - answered 'I don't recall.' to over 40 consecutive questions in the investigation. There is no nice way to say it - either that woman is a phsychotic chronic liar, thief and a cheat (almost certainly a murderer as well) - or she's is mentally unfit for office due to a head injury. Maybe...POSSIBLY...both. Either way she isn't fit for office and she may very well be America's next president. Here in Canada: the recent financial "haircuts" that happened to the citizens of Cypress were illegal, by Canadian law. As were many of the banking practices that led to the subprime crisis in the US. Recently, our fwench whoreson of a Prime Minister and his Librano gubbiment changed all that. They did it under the radar and not a peep was heard in the media - nobody would have known had not the tax and consumer watch dog groups went nuts about it on the social media. Even so, many, if not most Canadians with money in the bank - are sitting ducks for bankster fraud. In addition, Turdo La Doo sold off the last of Canada's physical gold reserves. So... what are we trading on now? IOU's? I'm serious because I don't know - I'm asking, here?

Then I see shit like this from guys like Comrade Ushanka. What in hell is going on with the gold markets? And the banks? On the local level - my bank is mostly run by vibrants now. I'm not exaggerating - and most of them have language issues and speak English very poorly. I'm supposed to trust somebody like that with my money? What if their understanding of math and banking is as good as their understanding of English? I know, I know- racisssssss!!!!

Like I said. Impending shit storm of EPIC proportions. But the good news is that we've been here before, and the bad guys really aren't that bright. Just knowing the storm is inbound and preparing for it is a huge advantage. We know what these guys are gonna do and how they'll do it. They'll take all the wealth they can for themselves, and leave us and 90% of their useful fools to starve. I was raised believing that FDR was a Great American President. Turns out the man was a total shit bird and the banks were his major accomplices. Did you know that he made it a LAW that private citizens could not own more than $100.00 in precious metals? And if you had metals stashed at the bank in a safe deposit box - you couldn't open that box up unless a bank employee and an employee of the IRS were present. Sweet - theft is only legal when the gubbiment does it, right?

My philosophy going forward is that if you don't have your assets in hand and guarded - you don't own them. Don't trust the gov't, or the banks, or the media to be honest with you.

We are obviously in the home stretch, we are on our own and what happens from here on out - is on us.

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