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Friday, 23 September 2016

I Dunno How They Did It

The level of trust and teamwork required to do something like that is not readily apparent to folks that have never been around horses. While I am no equestrian athlete and never was - we had hobby horses when I was a kid and I did a little bit of riding.

The horse is a funny critter. They are not as loving as cats and dogs and any bond you form with them is much, much different. I think the bonds I formed with them resembled the bonds between humans much more so than the bonds between a human and a dog.

I sometimes think idly that the world would be a better place if we threw out our cars and went back to horseback and walking.

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  1. I was raised on a horse farm, and you're absolutely right about the bond (if any) with horses. It's much closer to a mutual understanding than anything else.

    As for the horse and buggy days, I heard stories from my grandfather, a WW 1 vet. It was what you had, and it wasn't a lot of fun at times. You did a lot of walking.