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Friday, 2 September 2016

Immaturity Part II - Crapcopter II

The problem with RC aircraft is that a guy finally gets some skills and he starts thinking he's a hot shot - and then he gets a swelled head. The aviation gods are enraged by such hubris and if it doesn't stop, they'll send either Darwin or Murphy to deal with the offender. This is no joke - the US military loses real aircraft and pilots the same way. The only difference is that when they do it - it ends in tragedy and millions of dollars go down the crapper. When it happens to an RC geek - it's a source of merriment and sport!

So it went for me back in the spring. I had a V-Tail multirotor with a camera on it and I was getting so I could really cut a rug with it. I re-defined the term 'Air Hog' because I would be all over the sky and swooping and climbing and showing off like an ass hat! One day my Crapcopter caught a strong wind (I was really a good pilot in the wind - or so I thought) - and at first I wasn't worried when the machine got carried away. In seconds though, it got so far away I couldn't tell if it was aimed at me or away - and when that happens all ya can do is chop your throttles. My beloved Crapcopter swan dived from a 1/4 mile away into a clump of trees and was lost with all hands. I was bummed right out.

A month or so ago I figured it was time to get back in the game so I built another one. This one is called a Coaxial Y6 drone.

Ready to rip - with my trademark Minions! This is serious
heavy lift technology going on!

People get mad at me because I put the Minions on my birds as part of my trademark - which makes these things look like comical toys. This is serious business dontchya know! They aren't toys!!!! While that may be true... but there's still a bit of a kid in me that laughs like a loon when I see the minions hijacking a piece of high tech hardware!

I can almost see their point - I've become something of a shithouse aviation engineer trying to get this damned monster to fly without ripping itself to shreds. I've been learning about props, pitch, thrust, battery, PID flight controller tuning and a host of other variables as I fought with this thing... and then learned they have a rudimentary program that makes all that easier for ya at eCalc. I ran this one with a 4S 3300mAh battery and the damned thing flew like a raped ape! It was in the air at 1/4 throttle and in low earth orbit at 1/2! Holy Mackeral!!!

I've since choked back the juice a bit with a new 3S 6400 mAh battery and re-soldered the wiring to make everything compatible... and we'll give 'er another go tomorrow. Problem is that I have been off for so long my skills went down the crapper and now I have to re-learn them all - with a very high performance machine.

The new camera works, all is in order - so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm thinking of flying up to the Treehouse to spy on Unca Bob with it. I'll peer in through the bathroom window as he steps out of the shower and starts butt-flossing with a towel - and then I'll post the video on the internet! HAR HAR HAR! I won't even try to black mail him, I will just go directly to humiliating him! The rest of you: Filthie is watching you...but my discretion can be bought for a reasonable fee! Please pay promptly!

And wish me luck!


  1. Replies
    1. Well thanks BW!

      I had my inputs all good with the 4S battery. Then I went to a big arse 3S and balanced the props - and for some reason the flight controller must have it's brains scrambled. The damned thing fights itself now...!!!


      Back to the drawing board...

  2. I'm thinking of flying up to the Treehouse to spy on Unca Bob with it.

    This is called a trigger warning, but put into comparison with the typical SJW trigger warning, it translates roughly into 'Drinking Drano may be hazardous to your health'. Just the thought of seeing... my eyes. My stomach.

    My whiskey bottle is down two fingers, and I still have the shakes.