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Friday, 30 September 2016

Judged By The Company We Keep

In an effort to appear more respectable I often hang out on the fringes of the cool kids and pose as an active member of their little cliques. It doesn't work; I remain deplorable and disreputable for the most part - and people looking on might (rightfully) question the judgement of the cool kids when they have me in their midst.

Oh well. Sucks to be them I suppose.

The usual preamble applies: my opinions, sense of humour (or lack thereof) in no way reflects the views or opinions of the scholars that appear on the Toilet Roll. Say what you want about me - but the people that appear on my blogroll are all first rate folks that you can set your watch and warrant to. I have many flaws - but my taste in bloggery is second to none, and I will not trifle with phonies, poseurs and low quality intellects.

Gorges and Mom don't know me from a hole in the ground - but I know and love them and the way they write. If you haven't sampled their blogs - that is a mistake you need to fix ASAP.


  1. I agree with your assessments of those two.

    Had to check that I was still on the list.

    1. Your blog, BW, is in a class by itself. It reflects well on you and the entire PROVINCE.

      I am not idly boasting when I proclaim that my tastes in scotch and bloggery are without equal. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Dammit! I got Mom up there but seemed to have dropped Gorges!

      Sigh - good help is hard to find these days WL. I will get Gorges sorted out shortly...