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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Living Life Large

Today I woke up at about ten after five, snorted and farted - and then rolled over and went back to sleep. It was awesome, usually I am getting ready for morning Dawg Patrol and then work after that.
I slept in until 7:00 am. My years must be catching up with me... as a kid I could never stay in the rack that long unless I was ill or something.

Then I got on the computer... and to the consternation of the Dawgs I spent the morning spitting and gobbing on my fellow bloggers and crapping in their comments. After that lazy self indulgence... I finally managed to bestir my lazy arse and take my hoople headed cohorts out on patrol. The second we pulled into Colchester the Hooples ejected and were on the job.

Retirement must be like this. I am smitten with the concept.

That's a big fire pit behind the mutts so the kids can do hot dogs after their ball tournaments. Some kindly soul had left a stack of firewood and I briefly considered indulging myself with a small blaze - but the hounds would have none of it. Oh well - that firewood was for the kids and not lazy old farts, I guess. Good thing we have a fire pit at home.

Fuggin Mort! The meat head spies a piece of crap, or a dead mouse...
and it's like he falls into a trance. He'll sit there and smell it all day
long and the world could explode - and he wouldn't notice it.

Colchester Hall started life in 1906 as the Hercules Post Office, named after the proprietor.

The original owner of this building had a name something like Obidiah Jebidiah Hercules Smith or something like that, and it was right beside the railway station a little north of here. It is long gone, that building was moved somewhere else, and the post office moved here. Then it became a toy manufactory, then a club house for the gossiping hens of The Stratchcona Women's Institute, and finally it became the community hall that it is today. It's only a couple miles south of where we live, out in the country and an excellent place to take a couple of bored dogs.

We patrolled the hall grounds and then went down a subdivision to admire the small acreages and hobby farms. We were followed and stalked by a cat for part of the way, and my good for nothing K9's didn't even notice it! Crime fighting is going to be a bit of a chore for Captain Sweatpants this winter...sigh.

After that the wife and I went to a matinee and watched some dumb ass movie. I ate a metric ton of popcorn and fell asleep during it.

If this is what retirement is... I could get really used to it.  :)

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