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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Made It...

It's hump day. My week is half over. Yay. Today I started driving at 7:30 and finished at quarter to five. I drove from Grande Prairie in the North western part of Alberta over to Fort Mac in the north east corner of the province. 7-1/2 hours driving time, not counting breaks to drain my lizard and chatter with clients on the cell.

Fall is setting in up here. It was bright and sunny though,
and there were odd treats along the way like this little dip into the valley
carved by the Little Smokey River.

The other day I was day dreaming about an oak panelled office with
humidors on my desk, hot secretaries, and leather blotters...
But who needs that? Here I flaunt my status
on the corporate scrotum pole by making use
of the classy executive washrooms a little bit out of
Slave Lake.
No peons please! BW and Uncle Bob can use the bushes!

The first hour or two aren't bad. The last hour or two are murder.
Life on the road.

Downtown Athabasca. Possibly the prettiest
downtown urban centre in Alberta...

The weather was flawless. The autumn leaves are spectacular.
Wirecutter often jokes about brainwipes with their faces glued to their
cell phones and he is absolutely right. A beautiful setting like this -
and pretty much everyone who had stopped in was on their damned phone.
(Even I did it for a bit).

Overlooking the Athabasca River...

The last 200 clicks up to Fort Mac sucks. It's all trees and highway and that's it. Things are slow up here... but there are still glimmerings of life. It's too bad my schedule sucks because it is a nice time of year to be in Northern Alberta. I hope to make it home on Friday...but may have to stay one more night. Yeesh, I'm tired already and still have half the week left!

Must be getting old!

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