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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Oh Hell Yes

Some very good drone work was done here too.

THIS is how it's done.

I'm a former black powder geek that still loves and worships muzzle loading firearms that shoot the holy patched round ball. In my more arrogant moments at the rod and gun club I tell the boys that smokeless guns are merely a passing fad. These guns often amaze people that aren't familiar with them with their accuracy and efficiency. Smacking a bull elk in the ribs with a .54 calibre round ball will bowl him over just as easily as a .300 Winchester Magnum will.

One of the problems with shooting heavy black powder charges is that burning black powder can burn through the patch around the lead ball. If the problem is severe enough it can destroy your gun's accuracy.

Early front stuffing riflemen learned that hornet nesting material is virtually flame proof. You put a couple leaves of hornet's nest in between the black powder charge and the patched round ball - and 'burn through' is no longer a problem.

Years ago I would harvest hornet's nests for this exact reason and I can tell you in all seriousness - that it works!

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