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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Pit Bulls

One thing that constantly amazes me is the unwillingness of the human animal to inform himself. People just want to live in their little bubbles where the world works a certain way, and nothing can infringe on their conscience that might upset them or force them to actually think. So it is that we white wash the perverts of the gay community. We zip our lips at the scientific flubdubbery of the environmentalists and global warmers. We let fat old liberal hags legislate our rights away with regards to guns and self defense.

They have the same internet in front of them as you do. The sum of all mankind's knowledge lies at their finger tips. All they have to do is type in a term to any number of search engines and everything you want to know about any issue comes up. Take pit bulls for instance - and the morons that want to ban them and euthanize them out of fear.

Of all the vicious pit bull attacks, the vast majority of these animals belong to young males, aged 18-24, who have prior history with law enforcement problems. The vast majority of those animals involved in attacks show obvious signs of abuse. As in the vast majority of problems with dogs, the problem isn't with the animal - it's with the owners. When you factor those animals out of the stats - the pit bull is no more dangerous than any other breed and is actually more docile than many.

Upon further reading you'll notice another pattern emerges from townships that pass these idiotic bans. After any number of perfectly good animals have been put down to soothe the nerves of neurotic stupid people - the perps involved with abusing their pit bulls go out and get another dog like a Rottie, or a German Shepherd or some other big mean-ass dog - and they abuse that instead.

Upon informing themselves of all the facts any rational adult will be left with a couple inescapable conclusions: this issue is more complex than they thought - and a stupid ban may set stupid people at ease - but it opens the door for other stupid people to enact other stupid bans. That should give everyone pause for thought. But - it's Montreal. If there are a dozen people in that fwench sewage lagoon with an IQ in the triple digits I would be surprised.

As a farm kid growing up surrounded by animals I learned that training trumps genetics every single time. Brent had a Doberman that we used to beat on for fun - why, he should have bitten us a dozen times over but he was one of our friends and he took his lumps just like the rest of us did in our gang. Other kids had pit bulls that we had no fear of either. They played with us and were active members of our gangs too. I was shocked when stupid urban people started screaming about dog bans for vicious breeds. Pit bulls? Vicious? What are those idiots smoking? Why, we had a little Chi Hua Hua/Pom cross that was the meanest little bastard that ever walked the earth!

He bit everyone and drew blood too. One day Gramma was petting him and he bit her - and took off her thumbnail. When I was 13 he finally lost his marbles and went after me. I was laying on the floor watching TV when he snapped and went for my throat. He chewed up my hands pretty badly and even got a chomp or two on my face before I could drive him off. I cleaned myself up, then I went and got my hockey gloves and my stick - and I caught that little bastard and held him down and beat him half to death to teach him a lesson he would never forget. He never went after me again after that. I told my parents point blank that if he ever DID go at me again I would use the 12 bore on him and I meant it too. Ever since my rule with my dogs is that they might bite me...once. There will be no mulligans.

The point of all that is that dogs - like people, need to be taken one at a time and measured as individuals. It shouldn't be that hard.


  1. Most pit bulls are way too friendly. Blacks, however, shouldn't be allowed to own them.

    1. It isn't politically correct to say so - but they shouldn't own guns either and the stats prove it.