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Friday, 16 September 2016

Redefining Failure As Success: Bill Clinton Is Still An Asshole

A couple of fags pat themselves on the back and liken themselves to Donald Trump with their supposed abilities to supposedly turn failure into success. Errrrrrrrmmm.... sure, fellas. Right. Oh, and hey - pull my other finger - it has bells on it!

How do I know Trump has mastered the skill of converting humiliation into energy? The signs are all there. For example…

Trump has entered one high-risk business after another, guaranteeing that he would experience a large number of setbacks, failures, and humiliations. People don’t run toward humiliation unless they know they can convert that negative energy to fuel. When you see someone succeed across multiple unrelated fields, that’s often a sign of a Master Persuader who feeds on both success and failure. You are watching Trump do exactly that, right in front of your eyes. He has converted every “gaffe” into news coverage. He eats bad news and converts it into fuel.

Many of you have watched me do the same thing. You’ve watched as I jumped fields from corporate America to cartooning. Then I became an author of business-related books. I opened two restaurants that didn’t work out. I tried lots of stuff that failed miserably. Now I’m talking about the presidential election. What do all of those things have in common?

I risked public humiliation in each case.

And in each case, lots of people told me “Keep your day job.” On a typical day, dozens of strangers insult my body, my personality, my brain, my integrity, and lots more. Like Trump, I consume it as fuel. And it is a learned skill.

You might have noticed that both Trump and I are quick to attack anyone who attacks us. Observers tell me I shouldn’t do that, because it makes me appear thin-skinned. Observers tell Trump the same thing. But observers are missing one important thing: We use the critics to refuel

If you were an alien from another planet, and you observed a lion killing a gazelle, you might think that lion was angry at its prey. You might think the lion was insulted that the gazelle was using its watering hole. What did the gazelle do to deserve that treatment? Is the lion being thin-skinned?

Trust me when I tell you that sometimes the lion is just eating.

Well aren't these fellas something? Ya can't stop 'em!!! They will take your hatred, convert it into energy and prevail!!! People love that image. Fact is that when it comes to persuasion Scott and Vox are pretty good at hoodwinking stupid people too.

So was Bill Clinton.

When the Monica Lewinsky case first broke I thought it was a frame up and a hoax. Okay - when you're done laughing at me - allow me to explain! My thinking was this: At the time of the scandal ol' Wilhelm Von Blow Job was at the height of his career. He was rich. He was handsome. He was powerful. Although I hated him on general principles as a liberal and couldn't respect the man, I had to respect the position of POTUS and the code of conduct just like everyone else. And here was the mainstream media telling me that such a man would risk a career, his job, a possible prison sentence, and global humiliation - to get a gummer from an overweight intern...? HAR HAR HAR! Not even a liberal would be that stupid! C'mon! And of course, when it panned out, yeah, suffice it to say I learned a few things about Master Persuaders and self proclaimed alpha males. But the learning wasn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

Bill's done, I thought. He's proven himself to be a philandering piece of shit. He's violated any number of written codes of conduct and as many unwritten ones. He let down his family, his wife and his nation. He has to be impeached or resign for lying under oath. And what happened? Stupid people circled the wagon around Clinton and said, "Yo, Bill! You da man, you sly old devil! Why, you're a lady's man!" Well, I was just FUBARed. The feminists went quiet as church mice. Monica was hounded in the press as a home wrecker. Hillary was set up as a victim. And Bill was celebrated and envied. The double standards were obvious: sin and vice are only sins and vice when the other guy does it! Insult was added to injury when conservatives let them get away with it and backed down whenever a fight loomed because liberals might call them sexists!!!! They didn't stand up to Obutthole because he might call them racists!!! While idiots like Michael Moore wondered what happened and where his country went - I started to wonder what planet I was on. What in hell happened to these people? Why were they doing stuff like this? They came out of nowhere, and suddenly they were everywhere. Divorce stats ran away, we stopped calling them broken homes and started calling single moms heroes, feminists and vibrants turned the workplace into a political minefield or a living hell... Clinton just seemed to set a whole lot of bad shit off at once. And the media! JFC! With a wink and a smirk, Ol' Slick Willy coyly told us that he smoked pot in school - but didn't inhale. The fags in the press swooned and fell in love.

And for me? The dumb ass Gen X kid with the wrong skin colour, the wrong morals and ethics, the wrong reproductive equipment..? The kid that thought a chad would never sit in the Oval Office? I was told to shove my white privilege up my ass. I was barred from the good jobs which my parents enjoyed, but now had to go to vibrants that couldn't speak English, and stressed out women that ran on anti-depressants. I was told that to get the same job my father got with a grade 10 education, I needed to spend at least four years in university first.

What's going to happen when these cankle blossoms hit the job market?

The difference between Scott n' Vox, and Donald Trump is that The Donald can persuade smart people too. Vox? He does okay with acne scarred cellar dwellers and younger kids that have been thrown into the workplace and then told to get out because they have nothing to offer. He's bitter and cynical just as most of his fans are. I admit to being bitter and cynical, but I'm smarter than Vox is and I see what he's doing. It's the same thing Bill Clinton did back in the 80's, same shit, different pile. Scott Adams? He's smarter than Vox too, but he appeals to stupid people that shape their opinions with political cartoons and comic strip characters. His analogy bears repeating:

Trust me when I tell you that sometimes the lion is just eating.

Trust me when I say this, boys. When the game warden pulls the trigger on the feral lion that is decimating the gazelle herds and threatening livestock and African villagers and farmers - he isn't angry either. He's often dealing with a threat he deeply wishes that he could have avoided. Is Trump's success due to his abilities as a negotiator and a persuader? Or is it a by-product of the blow back against the Clintons and their base of entitlement and welfare slobs, and their sexually disturbed social engineers? Welp - they've been using hate, anger and fear for fuel too. Today Hillary Clinton is an object of hate and ridicule and she deserves it. Trump is going to wipe the matt with her in the next election.

I dunno but if you run on hate, derision and humiliation, and dare
and defy it for too long...this is how you'll
prolly end up...

We'll see how it works out for 'em in the election I suppose. I strongly suggest you Yanks stock up on high cap magazines, guns and ammo. The predators today are welfare and entitlement slobs, grievance mongerers, and their enablers. If it makes ya feel any better as they take ya down - it's nothing personal. They're just trying to eat.

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