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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Saturday Morning Steam For Chicken Mom

Oh man. This is Valhalla!

Or - it would be for me, I can imagine her poor hubby doesn't need the extra hassles that go along with a steam powered shop with all the other chores he has to do! But - back in the day, if the intrepid farmer wanted to get anything done - it was steam or manual labour! This would have been the height of luxury!

Can you imagine the fun and mayhem us guys would have in this shop? I would be happy to stoke the boiler up, set down beside it with a cup of tea and just watch the machines work.

Ya know what I love about this though? You crash a CNC machine - and you're in really deep trouble! You'll need a specialist out to diagnose and repair it and you are gonna be down for days. But this stuff here? It was meant to be worked on and maintained.

Back when I worked at the Alberta Research Council we had some dirty old kraut of a tech that bent instrument tubing like an artist. He was probably the son of Werner Von Braun or even Adolph Hitler himself because if you got a blockage anywhere on something he had worked on - and had to take it apart...good luck! Making things maintainable is a skill we have deliberately thrown away in the 21st century. Machines go down - it's a rule like death, taxes and the common cold. Why in heck aren't we building our machines to be repaired? They shouldn't require a specialists either! Computers can diagnose themselves, they can damned well tell the layman what's wrong and how to fix it too! It's only algorithms and programming.

I wonder if I can get a job apprenticing in that shop...?

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  1. "Can you imagine the fun and mayhem us guys would have in this shop?" Hey! Lots of us gals would love to have a shop like that! Great video - thanks for posting!