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Monday, 19 September 2016

The Big Problem With The Alt-Right

I look at the current political landscape and she's something of a mine field. I don't tolerate the gold digging victim classes or the political correctness that enables them. I actively discriminate against them covertly and overtly depending on the situation, and I make judgement and distinctions. I see a very real difference between black people and niggers and will say so when I feel the situation warrants it. In the eyes of Hillary Clinton and stupid people - that makes me a racist. I don't care, I will not submit to the tyranny of political correctness anymore and that's final.

I've watched the rise of the Alt-Right with mostly approval - a lot of those guys are just like me: they've been marginalized and penalized because they're white and male, and supposedly privileged. Even though we've never been involved with slavery, racism or discrimination - the only way to level the playing field and make everyone equal is to discriminate against guys like me. I've been insulted, passed over for promotion, mocked and ridiculed simply because I don't agree with leftists or accept them as my equals. Fact is, none of those assholes are fit to shine my shoes - and that's a fact. I refute the racist/sexist/homophobe labels because to be honest - I hate all leftists equally and will not bow down or submit to them and their bullshit. If I can't attack them overtly I undermine them covertly - and trust me - I can play as dirty as they do! And I do!

Being an equal opportunity hater is what gives me pause for thought with regard to the Alt-Right. Like them I hate and loathe leftists of any stripe... but with the Alt-Right...I have grave misgivings about my "friends". Some of these guys are fuggin nutters and actually are racists. Just get them going about (((eeeeeeevil joooooos))). Far as I'm concerned a leftist joo is just as despicable (and deplorable) as a white or black one.  If you want to fire someone out of a cannon because he is an idiot leftist - I have no problem with it. If you want to fire someone off a catapault because he's a joo - well I DO have a problem with that. And that is the problem with the Alt-Right: if I want to see the leftists run out of town on a rail - a political alliance with them is the only way.

I'm going along for now but I would like to warn The Usual Suspects that later on down the road, if this unsavoury alliance devolves into a fight about who the Useful Fools are and how to dispense with them - they may not like the results.

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