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Friday, 9 September 2016

The Joy Of Having A Dog

The Shorts Of Shame

Friggin Mort has done it again. He's embarrassed both himself and his owner with his foolishness and there is nothing to do but come clean and admit to all of it - and take our lumps at the hands of the jeering, cat-calling howler monkeys of the blogosphere.

I dunno what he did. I don't WANT to know. There's no nice way to say it. A couple days ago his dink turned bright red and he wouldn't stop licking it. The more he licked it the redder it got and I had to take him down to the vet's. They're all women, of course, making it even MORE humiliating and embarrassing. He got some cream prescribed for it and now he has to wear my shorts to keep him from licking the cream off. And of course, what's the first thing out of the faces of anyone that sees him? "Why is your dog wearing shorts...?"


He must have stuck it in something he shouldn't have. I think the unsavoury company I keep is having an adverse affect on his morals and ethics. Anyone making rude jokes at my expense about this will be fined $3.00 and will have to do the honours next time Mort needs a 'treatment'.


  1. That's what he gets from trying to "do" the crack o' dawn. Th'sun's hot, y'know...

  2. Thank God it's not Winter. The poor pooch would look ridiculous in your red union suit.....