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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Smurfs Are Next...

I've been reading on the social media that Cankles just collapsed at a 911 memorial.

I know it's bad to wish ill on others. But I am old and mean too - and I'm looking at my elders and fellow Gen Xer's... and I loathe what I see. They will happily sell out their kids and grandkids - and great grandkids - to live in their bubble of contentment. Hillary has killed people that we know about through sheer incompetence, and probably at least a dozen or so that we don't know about (or can't prove). She may have actually had a hand in murdering others through goons. I won't say any more except to say that if that old bitch dies slowly and in pain - it will be a justice of sorts. Her good for nothing husband deserves the same.

But - that is just Cankles. Her team is what worries me. She is just a titular figurehead for some really awful people. Some of them could benefit with a national conversation about rights and liberties - on the proper side of a patriot's rifle, if ya catch my drift.

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