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Monday, 26 September 2016

There's No Humbuggery About It, Really

Here in the blogosphere we are blessed with the voices of our elders. Some are real treasures because they've gotten old but they haven't lost their youth. I've got WC and CM up on the blogroll for that exact reason. They've got all the miles I have plus some - but they're still in the game with the same zeal and zest of a teenager. Teenagers (the good ones) don't care about profit margins, spreadsheets and investment/return ratios - they put in 110% and anything that comes back is good enough - and maybe worth even MORE investment. They're always doing something. Other folks, when they get old - get mean and stupid. Then they wonder why they're lonely and nobody wants to be around them. I don't want to be like that.

Recently I discovered Mom over at Mom's Scribbles and I swear I can hear the voice of my Grandma when she speaks. She's a different stripe of cat - she is older and engaged and still in the game too, but she has a lot of practical common sense to pass along and she knows how to do it in a friendly, entertaining manner. She's clean and respectable all the way too. I suspect she would take that for granted, but that's a rare thing these days. She's going up on the blog roll when I get the time.

I also have been searching for a proper mature male role model that I can aspire to be and emulate when I finally grow up. Uncle Bob and Quartermain are out - I'm probably not supposed to be hanging around senior delinquents like that. BW's about the same age I am and he probably shouldn't be hanging around me come to think about it. (I maintain he is just as corrupted and incorrigible as I am but most adults would probably disagree).  Pickin's are slim!

Then I discovered Gorges. How do ya pronounce that? In any event, he is thumbing his nose at most charities and social organizations that formerly did good work and for all the right reasons.

It broke my heart when he started talking about the Scouts. He's absolutely right and hardly anyone younger than he is would have the balls or courage to admit it. As the father of a warm, beautiful daughter that later became and angry, bitter lesbian social justice warrior...all I got to add is that if there were anything GOOD about political correctness, homosexuality/equality/social justice in our lives and organizations ... I would have found it. God knows I looked, but the only way any of that bullshit flies is if you deny reality and throw away your morals and ethics in the process. I am lucky I suppose, in that I'm old enough to know the cost of doing that and refuse to do so... largely because I was influenced by better people in better times. Are queers any happier now that they have gay marriage? Are blacks any happier with bigger welfare checks, affirmative action and Obamaphones? The fuckers are rioting in the streets now!

I like Gorges' common sense and his refreshing honesty - and he'll be going up on the Toilet Roll shortly too.


  1. Gorges is a treasure and a pure joy to read. He's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in blog-o-land. :o)

  2. "BW's about the same age I am and he probably shouldn't be hanging around me come to think about it. (I maintain he is just as corrupted and incorrigible as I am but most adults would probably disagree)."

    You have no idea.

  3. gorges isn't that old, just been through a lot.
    you may like harry flashman. i read him and gorges every time they post.

  4. I read George and liked him. I also went over and read Harry Flashman, and liked him as well.