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Monday, 19 September 2016

Update From The World's Smallest Hangar

Awhile back I was trying to do a DIY multirotor drone called a Y6 - meaning it had the 'Y' configuration with 6 motors. The problem is that the guys that engineered the kit pooped the bed on the motors and props - long story short, I couldn't build the machine I wanted with the materials supplied. I even went on a number of internet forums and once everyone was familiar with what I was trying to do - they concluded it couldn't be done either. The guys that offered the kit were gobsmacked and embarrassed.

No big deal - I am a rotor hound so I just tore it all apart, resoldered and reconfigured the flight computer and went back to my tried n' true V Tail multirotor.

We've got an updated video camera, a massive 6400mAh battery
and some other heavy lift technologies going on this time.

I lost the last one with a runaway drone. No big deal, it came down in the middle of an unpopulated forest - but the drone was lost with all hands. I felt really bad about it because I had developed some serious skill with it and gotten sort of attached to it. I was going out in winds with it and having a ball with the challenges that go along with that. But crashing in this hobby is a fact of life - which is why you always fly out in the sticks away from people and animals.

You can see the distinctive V Tail configuration
from behind. This thing can turn on a dime - and stop to pick the dime up too!
The Minion is riding on the LED voltage indicator.

I took it up for a quick hover test yesterday and it seemed to do well but I had some really awful wind - and my skills have atrophied. Might go out tonight and give it a whirl... The V Tail is aerodynamically inefficient and wasteful of power (or energy, if ya wanna get technical) - but it can spin on a dime unlike the tricopters with their fragile tail servos that always come apart in a crash.

The Minions stand ready to invade your privacy - or die trying!

This one isn't as visually appealing as my last one - that one looked like it had been stolen right out of the Edwards Air Force Base (except for the Minions riding on it, of course). Whatever - it's something to fly when a guy has 10 or 15 minutes of time to piss away.

Yannow it just amazes me too - and maybe even bugs me a bit: when I was a little gaffer I would watch the big kids and adults playing with RC stuff - and I would be entranced. All my friends were the same too, we would have been hassling the pilots and watching the machines and loved every minute of it. But kids today? They just go "Meh." Then they start texting on their phones. I just want to grab them and shake them sometimes! Here I am, showing off my flying skills - and they couldn't care less! JFC, kids! This thing has a programmable PID microprocessor based flight controller on it! How COOL is that?!?!?

And they just yawn. "Can you please FOAD, Mr. Filthie? I'm trying to text my friends...."

Fuggin kids these days! There's not a damned bit a good in any of 'em!!! Why - I'm strongly tempted to give those little shits the frowning of their wretched lives!!!

When I was a kid we LIKED remote control toys!
I want a prune juice!

UPPER Update: She flies! She flies!!!!!


  1. Good job, Mr. Filthie! Minions take to the skies! Even this old lady would give it whirl...

    1. I just love the Minions.

      On YouTube they have a Top Gun for RC Jets in Switzerland. It's insane. The jets are huge, and require a ground crew. The scale pilots inside look around and push buttons and displays come up on their panels - the attention to detail is boggling. It's a full blown air show complete with afterburners!

      The show was going swimmingly until a Saab Eurofighter rolled out - but instead of hot shot scale pilots, these little yellow buggers were riding in it and smiling like fools. Some of the crowd was furious - but I just hooted!
      It is really easy to take stupid stuff way to seriously. I'm happy if I can just keep the cobwebs off the old brainbox and get the odd laugh in too... :)