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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday Sound Effects

When I was a kid the sun rose and set on the guys that produced MAD Magazine. I don't think you could even come close to running a crew like that today what with political correctness and all. Some fag or hairy chested femcnut would have a bird at that kind of humour nowadays. Let there be no doubt for the younger crowd though: the cartoon artists at MAD were all pretty much certifiable and us kids loved them all in spite of it!

Little kids really get off on slapstick humour and I was no exception. Poor Pop couldn't get ANY work outta me if The Stooges were on. Pop didn't watch much TV and I remember him almost spitting in disgust as he watched those morons as the capered about on TV! And he sure as HELL had no patience for my MAD Magazines. He threatened to cut off my allowance if I kept buying them but by then my Mom and brother found out about MAD and they would buy them if I didn't! Pop was forced to resign in defeat.

Awhile back Wirecutter ran an article on his blog about some chick that butted out her cigarette in her boyfriend's eye - and he was horrified. FAH! That was kid stuff to Don Martin over at MAD.

Just as that was kid stuff to Don, so were our shop classes where we experienced our first industrial accidents, and intramural sports where we got beat up after school.

A true visionary, Don Martin foresaw and lampooned the rise of epidemic, chronic obesity and Orca Winfrey decades before they became problems. HAR HAR HAR!

Likewise, Don predicted the development of Obamacare too.

But the sound effects. The wonderful sound effects. Only a kid knows what a coke bottle to the side of the head sounds like: THADOOONT!!!! HAR HAR HAR! Or sounds of common culinary mishaps us kids commonly had in the kitchen.

Comedy gold for a 9 year old! Or for a 52 year old knucklehead that refuses to grow up! So today, seeing as how it's Hump Day - I am going to mix things up: Guess what is making THIS special sound effect:

Awk-squeeeeeeek! Awk-squeeeeeeek! Awk-squeeeeeeek! (Answer below)

Keep yer stick on the ice. Fonebone (and Filthie) are watching you!

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