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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Biplanes Over Bremner

Oh man, she was a sweet day out today. Before church I went over to the playground beside the chapel and flew my Crapcopter. Hey, if they are gonna put a primo empty field out there and no kids are gonna play on it - what's wrong with an old fart making use of it? I put the minions through their paces, then went in to church, had a coffee and sat down for a sermon with the wife. Church is an important thing for her so I guess it is for me too. They had the good preacher on today so it was alright. I also learned an important lesson on Poppy Protocol. One of the church ladies assaulted me and took my Remembrance Day Poppy! I wondered what in hell that was all about and learned that the deal with Remembrance Day Poppies is this: you wear 'em around for a couple days beforehand and that's alright - but on Nov. 11, 11:00 AM sharp - they come off and no bones about it! She was a veteran's daughter so I figured she knew what she was talking about. I felt bad about it too - I can't keep a Poppy on for love or money but somehow this one had managed to stay with me for several days without me losing it. To have it taken from me in that way kinda grated a bit...HAR HAR HAR! Whatever, I meant no disrespect and I would like to think our Great Fallen might forgive me for that gaffe.

Afterward I just said to hell with the rest of the day and went out to the airfield. I've been flying nothing but the multirotors lately and they're fun... but the fixed wing nitro burners are a hoot and you begin to miss them if you're away too long.

So I took my trainer plane, which I call Super Dave Osborne.


Middle of November... and I am flying in my shirt sleeves...
What a spectacular fall day.

I have a membership at the club but I hardly flew all summer. I had been in a bit of a funk of late and just haven't had the gumption to do much of anything. Hell, I've not made it to the range in ages too and I intend to deal with that ASAP too. In any event I did a couple of very sloppy Lazy Eights, and some barely acceptable touch-and-goes. I'm rusty but can still fly - and it felt really good. I was just beginning to loosen up when Dirty Don came over and proclaimed that Amateur Hour was over and I was hereby grounded and ordered off the field! I griped and grumped but complied because my concentration was giving out and I could use the break.

Then the Big Dogs took to the air.

The guy flying this thing was a hot-dogger par excellance! He put this blue demon
into a straight up climb until I couldn't see it anymore - and then put
it into a flat spin. I think the only reason he came down again
was because the engine was getting starved for oxygen, HAR HAR HAR!

Wow. This guy did so many stunts he started his own weather front right there on Bremner Field! Spins, Immelmanns, barrel rolls - that little airplane ate up half the sky and the bloody wind kicked up so bad that I couldn't fly if I wanted to! But hey - free airshow, right?

Dirty Don and the intrepid stranger talk shop after the show.

Yannow I don't think Dirty Don ever flies. Every time I see him his gums are flapping at 100 knots but his planes never seem to leave the ground. I made a point of accusing him of as much - and he snidely reminded me that he flew my airplane for me when I was still a novice and then all the older farts laughed at my premature senility and memory loss. When I told them they were all assholes they just laughed harder and took it as a compliment!

Then I got roped into a commitment for some winter flying. A lot of the old hands aren't going down to the states this winter because of the exchange rates and failing health - so I suppose I'll be arriving early to stoke up the wood stove in the club house and splitting some wood for the pit. Oh darn - at least I will have some fellow old coots for company and get a bellyful of rude jokes out of the deal.

Life goes on, and thankfully it's all good. Hope yours is the same.

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