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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Try That Again In 30 Years You Little Chits

As I get older and uglier one thing that just seems to leap out at me more and more is how beautiful the kids are. She is as thin and pretty as a picture, he is handsome and strong ... we were like that once, back when we were kings and queens.

Oh Hell Yes

Mama's Boys

Stuff like this seems to go in spurts. Somebody loses a loved one - and then everyone else does too at roughly the same time. Or maybe it's a great day out and everyone is in good cheer. Right now it is us poor hapless old slobs coping with our elderly mothers. Ya see the same thing on the road: somebody's having a bad day and driving like an enraged a-hole - and next thing ya know they're all driving like morons.

Last weekend we went to Mom & Pops and it was the shits. Mom and I are increasingly at odds. Back in the day she and Gramma played shitty, vicious head games with each other and now I think Mom figures it's my turn. She'll throw out some cutting, offhand remark, or goad me into fighting about the stupidest stuff and then laugh at me as I chimp out in rage. Last time I got up and left. My poor wife was so embarrassed as was Pop. And my mom sat there smirking, pleased as punch with herself. Afterward I was so damned mad you could feel the heat from 5 feet away! She had goaded me into making an ass of myself! Again! Sigh. I suppose it doesn't take much.

Of course our manly friends over at The Art Of Manliness have all the answers on how to deal with shitty, feral women. I stopped reading over there years ago and now I remember why. I suppose the stuff in that article might work with younger moms and sons. And I suppose it would work if the son were as pure as the driven snow and asserting his maturity. I know my limitations and weaknesses because I push them all the time. I am a difficult and contrary man at times too. It's just that that beshitted woman knows my hot buttons and she jumps on them with both feet regularly now. It was all I could do to leave their place last weekend without telling that old bitch where to go and how to get there! She's not old and stupid yet, I don't think... but I can't tell for sure because I am young and stupid and that old bint can still run circles around me in a duel of wits, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Goddammitalltohell. Why does it have to be a battle? Outside of my wife the women in my life are all fuggin nuts. Their idiot men bow down to them and take it and they get pissed at me too when I refuse.

But the good news is that there's always the big kids around going through the same thing or something similar... and you can go to 'em for helpful advice. BW Bandy, as usual, handles such things with grace and skill: good cheer, small battles, easily won, easily forgotten I think I shall follow his fine example to the letter.

I dunno how to proceed with this. For now I think I will take a break and keep my distance from mom. I think maybe she needs to think a bit and I know I sure as hell do. There's rude jokes to be savoured and enjoyed, there's a pile of rifle work - and as always - dawgs to be tortured and tormented. One of my favourite gunslingers on YouTube has a saying that should be a cornerstone of our psyche: Life Is Good.

Have a great Tuesday y'all.

Monday, 16 October 2017

I'm Sure The Bugs Living In It Would Agree...

Oh yecchhht. Meet your new leftist heart throb, ladies. I'm sure Turdo La Doo will be crushed too, given how much time he spends on his hair too! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Who has better hair...??? According to the diaper head - he does!
Guess we'll all have to tune in to the Tranna Star's next
exciting episode of 'Packies On Parade' to find out...

The comedy's already begun with the vibrant shiny token chosen to lead the Dippers. He's accusing the CBC of being racist!!!! Only Canadians can appreciate the humour of this: the CBC is so revoltingly politically correct that nobody watches it - and they have the ratings to prove it! HAR HAR HAR!

We are all racists now! Isn't it great?

Great Canadian Sound Effects: Thubbadathubbadathubbaduh....!!!!

What in the world makes a noise like that?

Why - that's the sound BW Bandy makes as he falls down all the stairs at posh winter retreats in the Canadian Rockies:

Don't anybody worry about him - he'll just give his head a shake, walk it off - and head into the bar for some medicinal Black Bull Scotch to restore his constitution.

Being A Conspiracy Nut Isn't Easy...

You're not really paranoid if they are actually out to get you.

I've kinda avoided the Vegas shooting because all I know is that something is going on. A fact comes out, a fact is refuted. The guy was a millionaire, no he wasn't. A security guard was shot and killed - errrr, no he wasn't. He won a huge pile of cash, and the IRS was called off when they went to shake him down for their cut. Nobody knew when he checked in. That link above is as good a version of events as any: an illegal immigrant was employed to ensure the safety of the hotel and it's guests and they got exactly the level of competence they paid for. Whatever. Of course the media can't be trusted further than you can throw them. They don't even pretend to be objective any more and as for fact checking...? Whatz dat???

When I was a kid and started shooting and learning my stuff as a rifleman I remember watching the rehash of the JFK assassinations. I watched stupid people gobble and cackle about how any clot headed dirt digger with a cheap milsurp mail order rifle can fire at speeds approaching a semi-automatic and with the precision of a tuned sniper rifle - and assassinate a President with the greatest of ease. I watched people that obviously knew better go along with the story even though their equally knowledgeable peers and ballistics experts disagreed. All I know is that the perp did not shoot JFK with that rifle. That's all that I know and probably all I WANT to know. A lot of guys involved with that are conveniently dead and the records remain sealed.

I admit I got suckered on 911. Despite looking like textbook controlled demolitions, when the Twin Towers came down I thought it just as the press played it: the jets crashing into the towers weakened their structures and they came down on top of the fire and rescue workers below. The only problem with that was that the firefighters proved the lie of it: they are experts in risk assessment; and those buildings are made to withstand catastrophes like that. They wouldn't have gone in if they thought the buildings would come down on top of them the way they did. As I got more involved with ironworkers and the steel industries - I can tell you that burning jet fuel doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to blowing the temper out of structural steel. Bullshit, smoke and mirrors surround 911 too.

I watch in growing fury as the media attacks Trump and conservative citizens. They are part of it, I suspect - but now they are incredibly brazen about it. Trump says something on a tweet that everyone can read and see for themselves - and the media is full of how he actually said something else. They not only want to speak for us, they want to think for us as well. I am past being outraged at them, I only read them now for the comedy content.

I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't wear tin foil hats, or worry about chem trails or cabals of eeeeeevil jooooos. But - I do know when I am being played and hustled. I don't know what the play was with the JFK shooting. I don't know why the twin towers came down. I don't know what the play is with this Vegas shooting - I know only that the ball is in play; and that some very powerful people are involved.

All I know is that the enemy is inside our perimeter. There's probably more than one. People are not who they say they are. And who knows how that works out either - I suspect they are playing each other with the same gusto they play us.

What's to be done about all this? I'm asking because I don't know. I personally don't want to be a tin foil hatter, or paranoid... but I will not be used as a pawn either. Now, more than every, is the time to stop watching their hands and their lips move - watch the corners, watch the magician's other hand, peer into corners and spaces you otherwise wouldn't... and try not to jump at shadows.

Jack's Home And Garden

Jack's probly on the other side doing the same thing...

Hunter's Home And Garden

...wonder if that is Wirecutter's place...
Hope your 2017 hunting season is going well!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why I Hate Public Schoot Teachers Reason # 3876

Are you chitting me? "Tie And Scarf Day"???

Why do we do stuff like this to our kids?  I heard awhile back that the boy scouts had just gotten pozzed too - girls are no being invited to join. Some of the older folks just chuckle and say it isn't the end of the world, and it's not I suppose. But living as I do in Canada where I live among liberals and ruled by them - I can tell you exactly how it will go for the Scouts: the old creeds of being prepared, being honourable and truthful and being a good young man - will be replaced with a credo that stresses tolerance, feminism and Marxism. It won't be fun for either the boys or the girls and they both quit in droves. The usual social justice warriors will wonder how it happened and probably blame misogyny and sexism.

Our boys and girls deserve better than this, they really do.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Baboon Hunt

Some idiot in the comments said they should have thrown some food 
overboard and they would have gone away.
But where is the fun and sport in that...?
Far as I am concerned, it's another vibrant and diverse day
one the high seas that ended well.

Killing Jar Heads - Part One

Oh, Hi all!

Allahu Akbhar, all you American and Canadian pig-dogs and Satan worshippers!!! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Abdullah Oblongata Abu Al Fuknuk-Al-Filthie: Hammer of Mohammed, Sword Of Justice!!!!

Okay! Alright, already - I am Glen Filthie: Stubfart Emeritus Of The Internet and general nuisance gun club duffer. Awhile back I got in a pissing match with The Pastor and his grumpy old cohorts over the subject of hobby drones: the old hens were all a-flitter and feathers and flapping was going on over the subject of hobby drones. Apparently, the rag heads were buying hobby drones from Amazon, loading them with explosives - and dropping them on our hapless Marines n' squaddies in the sand box. Other old geezers clutched at their pearls and gobbled in fright about how the drones could lift up copper bars and cables, drop them across power lines, short them out - and send us back to the stone age. Another one talked about using them for biological warfare! As the chicken manure piled higher and higher the boys worked themselves into a righteous tizzy! Personally I think the boys are scaring themselves. When I tried to reason with them I got a wedgie and then Pete got one hand on my collar, the other on the back of my belt - and I got the bum's rush out the door!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

These idiots are flummoxed by the workings of a flush toilet.
If you were evil and connected - would
you sell them biological weapons and WMD's?

I pointed out to the boys that small hobby drones have payloads measured in grams and tried to get some kind of clarity on how much lethal payloads actually weigh... but by that time they were laying eggs and clucking about all kinds of self inflicted nightmares. Yannow - the rag heads must just be rolling with laughter as they undermine and sew the seeds of the destruction of our western civilization. They aren't doing it to us neither - we're doing it to ourselves. Imagine: grown men... frightened by toys! Sheesh!

But - rather than fight about it - I figured we need to get some real world data on it because the mainstream shit rags sensationalize everything to sell copy and frighten their subscribers. We need to suss this out for ourselves. I am going to resolve this argument one way or another by trying to simulate an experimental version of an attack drone. I strongly suspect we are going to find out that this is just more yellow journalism being used to stir up men that should be smarter than that.

This is the M67 fragmentation grenade currently used by our squaddies
for social calls and formal occasions
where our friends are in very close, confined quarters - say a goat shed... say 5 meters or less.
I have a weight on it of .397kg - or 397 grams.
For the sake of our experiment, this will be the benchmark hypothetical
ordnance we shall use and try to simulate.

We are going to try and simulate an improvised attack/hobby
drone with what we have available.
The Minions and I went out into the wind for a check out
flight - the first one in months.

So - I need to see if the Crapcopter can even lift a grenade sized payload. I wanted something easy to affix to the drone. There is more to this than just duct taping a grenade to a drone - like all aircraft, the load has to be balanced and the centre of gravity for the drone and the payload will have to be perfect for it to fly. My drone has a microprocessor co-pilot that will help with this but it is by no means perfect. 

I have to simulate the payload here and I wanted to use something harmless like juice boxes or something - but I don't have anything. So - we'll use something I have lots of: ammo!

The plastic blue shell carrier, empty - weighs 89.12 grams. Let's call it 89g. 

One empty ammo box. I like this because it should be easy to 
center and balance the aircraft.

One 223 shell weighs approx. 11g.
28 of these, plus the blue plastic box should 
weigh approx. the same as
one American M67 fragmentation grenade.

I can hear the pissers, moaners and bed wetters already: "Filthie! Are you fuggin nuts? Putting live ammo on a friggin drone?!?!? What's wrong with your head...?!?!?"

First: Calm yourselves. I promise I will keep the drone slow and low to the ground and I will be extremely careful. I will be flying out in a remote field outside of town - I have my doubts if this will even get off the ground. It's gonna be close one way or another. I also like that I can affix the payload to the drone without any serious modifications to it. 

Gentlemen, we have everything going on here that an Air Force aircraft loadmaster has when he is transporting tons of materials on those big Hercules cargo planes - the only difference is a matter of scale. The load can't move around, it has to be centered - or the bird crashes. The only difference is I will have a crashed toy. When the flyboys poop the bed people die. Again - I promise to be careful - I want to shoot that ammo in a gun, not blow it up in some Darwinian catastrophe.

That raises another point in my favour in all this. Consider - you are a fig farming goat feltching jihadi that's hellbent on killing Americans. You have no concept of how indoor plumbing works, electricity and you wipe with your hands.... Are ya sure ya wanna be messing around with high tech drones and high explosives, Mohammed? 

So all I gotta do now is affix the payload - and fly it! 

(Errrrr... if anything happens to me can you guys see that Jack doesn't clean out my liquor cabinet? I want to be buried with my scotch....)

Wish me luck, everyone! Dirka dirka mohammed jihad!!!

When We Were Kings

A windshield is the perfect motorcycle accessory for the gent
that rides in the winter...

I've Been Working On My Pick Up Lines For Chicks...

Goddammitalltohell. This one ALWAYS works for Quartermain....

Helpful Hints From The Kitchen Of Chef Boy-Ar-Filthie

Nature Danger

Friday, 13 October 2017

It's Friday And Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Back before Al Gore invented the internet, I was a poor but honest and virtuous farm boy. I was loved by all, and I loved everyone in return; it was a time of youthful idyll and bliss and my heart was as pure as the driven snow.

But then I got sucked into the internet where I met unsavoury scoundrels like Uncle Bob and Quartermain and Mad Jack and Pete... and I became as deplorable and depraved as they are! My youthful, handsome face twisted into a permanent smirk, my innocence was erased by rude jokes and filthy humour, and I spent my time gobbing and cursing on the blogs and forums with the worst humanity could produce!

With the passing of Uncle Bob I have been stuck looking for a new role model. I'm only 53 years old, I haven't grown up yet and I don't know what I want to be when I finally DO grow up. I considered world famous adventurer, writer, and man-about-town - WL Emery for the job... but he drinks gin. Jack is out, he's even ruder and drunker than I am. Pete has an IQ of 23 and operates at a level of intelligence far above mine. All Quartermain does is fornicate with beautiful young women and get into trouble - the adults say he and I shouldn't play together and they're probably right! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I gotta say that I am really looking hard at the Z Man for my new role model. The man is an emotional battleship: NOTHING gets through his armour and ticks him off! Nothing! His main armament is weapons grade wit and sarcasm and with guns like that - he wreaks intellectual ruin on our moral and intellectual superiors when they stumble or fall.

The Z Man is at his best when he critiques 'Girl Science'. On his podcast, the intro music is Cindy Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun".  Every time I hear that damned tune now - all I want to do is burst out laughing! If ya got a few minutes today, check out this week's exciting installment of "Girl Science" at the Z Blog.

Goddamn! Maybe the 80's weren't as great as I remember them...

When my daughter was a toddler she loved that song. She grew up to be an angry, troubled lesbian typical of the great female intellects that appear in the Z Man's podcasts. If you can stomach it - do read the stuff Z links too. Sure, it's funny as hell as these sexually disturbed women put on airs of blatantly phony intellectualism as they try to rationalize their mental illnesses. But - unseen in all that is that somewhere - some old geezer of a father is looking at his daughter and wondering WTF happened ... and for some reason that is just making me laugh now too!  The gods piss upon us, boys - so as long as they're doing it to someone else - laugh and enjoy it because ya never know - YOU could be next! 

Spud - if you're out there - have a good Friday and a good weekend! And try to have some fun, I suppose. As for me - I am off to church! One of the ladies did some floral fall displays where pumpkins are prominently featured - and that kinda racism and patriarchy can not stand!!!

Quartermain is on standby to bail me out of jail if required - the rest of you try and have some fun too!!!  :)

Job Huntin'

Yesterday I went in for a job interview with a company looking for a technical salesman. I've been around; I know how these things work and I've learned the hard way that you want to be 110% honest at these things. I am currently employed so I have some breathing space - I don't have to leap at the first job that comes along and I can be a little choosey. I go into these things now where I interview the potential employer as well.

These guys were a waste or my time. I sat down with exactly what you would expect from a modern (hork, spit) corporation: the senior area manager was a skinny little runt with Little Man Syndrome.

Kinda looked like this twerp...

Wearing a matching casual/dress shirt and slacks was a younger man who was the office manager. He was obviously scared shitless of his boss. And of course, there was the arrogant HR bint.

And of course the whole shebang was about intimidation. While they were sizing me up, I was sizing them up - and to be honest I wasn't all that impressed. The interview was in the area manager's office and it was a big, sprawling affair right out of Mad Men with posh furniture and d├ęcor. The HR bint? Up here, company CEO's and Presidents are answering their own phones because they had to lay off the receptionist and they're doing everything they can to keep the doors open. And these guys were paying out cash for an HR bint? I know the market they're in and it is absolutely cut-throat. These guys expected and required immediate results and growth - no doubt because somebody had to pay for the lavish office and overhead 

"Describe an occasion when you went above and beyond the call of duty, Mr. Filthie...". How do ya answer something stupid like that? Only a 9 to 5 HR bint would ask something like that! In my job there is no 'above and beyond'. My customers call in after hours and on weekends and I go and help them if it's something I can do. "What are your weaknesses, Mr. Filthie?" Welp - that depends on who is hating on me and why. I'm overweight and slowly moving to address that. All I ask is that people do their jobs and let me know if they can't and the reasons for that - I will help if I can. Some might say I am too aggressive, others will say I am not aggressive enough, others will say something else entirely. I am not perfect and don't pretend to be. "How do you do call reports and handle your customer information Mr. Filthie?" I don't do call reports, we dispensed with them years ago because my company trusts me to make my rounds and they had their hands full with the business I brought them. Of course, all that changed after the oil crash...but I have a computer program with notes, alarms, reminders and contact info that I keep for every client I meet and do business with.

When it was my turn to ask questions, I had a few. "What is the territory? Who are your target clients? Do you have a business plan to address those clients? Your website says you can repair and fab replacement parts for your valves - do you do that yourself or farm it out...? How do YOU handle your client information and get that information from the inside sales to the outside sales?" The area manager got pissy and refused to even discuss their strategy for expanding sales, they don't actually fab their own parts, the territory is kinda sorta north eastern Alberta - and the attitude just dripped off him as if he regarded my questions as impertinent. The kid looked scared, so I just wrapped it up and had no more questions after that and we hastily parted ways.

I don't think they were any more impressed by me than I was with them. If they do ask me back for a second interview I may just decline. Don't get me wrong - I want to work... but I don't see these guys doing well for themselves long term.

I have a telephone interview set up for Monday so maybe I will luck out on that. The search continues apace.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

A Proper Wedding Proposal - They Just Gotta Be Texans

Way up here in Alberta we are much like Texans ourselves - except maybe better looking and with more money. (Yeah, I know the Dippers are in charge - but the idiots that voted for them all left during the oil crash, and the Dips will get kicked to the curb with the same enthusiasm Obutthole and Hillary were in the next election). But I digress! Lookit this:

But... what is that contraption on the right? Fuggin Texans!
Somebody needs to learn 'em a thing or two about propriety, tastefulness and formality!

Women should have guns that are as businesslike as ours - but those guns should be as elegant and lady-like as they are. Looking at this, I am strongly tempted to propose again to my wife, have a second honeymoon and do it right now that we're older, have a little bit of money and can afford some of the finer things in life. A proper gun for a Texas Proposal? Let us consider our choices:

Hmmmm... is that too sexy for a mature woman...?

The wife always liked these. They're classic, elegant
little pistols. Problem is that liberals are all fags that are
afraid of guns and we can't buy these in Canada anymore. They're 

Ah-ha! There we go! What? Don't think this is a lady-like pistol?

Au contraire!
If it's good enough for a class act like Agent Scully of The X Files...
it should pass for my Missus. Monsters and villains alike
do not fare well against an angry woman with a Sig P226.

Welp... I'm going to my first job interview in 9 years. Wish me luck and have yourselves a great Thursday.


Welp - chalk up another win for the proggies and multiculturalism.

Sorry about the link to the Glob & Snail, folks. Like most of Canada's few remaining mainstream media outlets - it's a liberal chit rag in terminal decline but occasionally they post stuff of relevance.

At breakfast, in the glass-towered city of Vancouver, five-year-old Abigail looks glumly at her half-eaten bowl of cereal.
"What is it, honey?" I brush the bangs back from her face.
Story continues below advertisement

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Rebels And Mutineers

I've written of the feud between my daughter and myself in these pages before. I'm not going to do it again,  bodies and corpses are meant to be buried and stay buried.

This morning at the shop I went in to make my rounds and check on things and my new manager, Big Al - was having himself a weapons grade kiniption. His son is 18, was looking for a job and so we put him to work as a tech which is a pretty menial position in the company. And given that the company is in decline and no longer appreciates its employees - the kid has been going for over a year without a raise. He finally lost patience with the company and put in his notice - and his father is ready to kill him. He doesn't have another job lined up, he's got some funds saved and figures he can afford to flip off the company and be done with it.

His dad is livid and figures he should at least have another job to go to, and of course, he (Al) looks bad because he went to bat for his son to get him the job in the first place. They got into a big barn burner of a fight and now the boy won't talk to him at all - and he came in late today which also had Big Al foaming at the mouth.

He was still in shock. "My son won't even talk to me, Glen - after all I did for him...". Then Flapz opens up, "Yeah well - that makes three of us. I just learned my daughter is writing me off too..." His sin was that he divorced his wife and is now remarried and the daughter has her nose out of joint about that. But family courts being what they are - Flapz still has to pay for her university expenses while she treats him like chit in return.

Three fathers - three stooges. Our kids are all adults. None of them were beaten, abused or mistreated - but our kids think we're monsters. For me it was something that broke my heart. Big Al might be taking the hit pretty hard too. But fuggin Flapz just shrugs, cracks a rude joke and seems to think nothing of it. "Maybe my kid will do me a favour and get hit by a bus or fall down the stairs, " he quips. We all force ourselves to laugh as if it were funny.

I could see it if we were actually hurting them or guilty of some kind of misconduct, or if they were actually rebelling against something - but it just seems to me that they don't have a purpose, they don't want one, and any attempts to get them to think of building a future for themselves is an act of malice.

They all looked at me to say something and I just looked back at them with the same retarded, befuddled expression and shrugged. I guess kids rejecting their parents is a thing now.

The Soliliquist

Now that I'm safely out of high school and away from the posturing academics and outside of their  slapping range - I'm going to say it! Shakespeare SUCKS BALLS.

There are things that take time and work to properly appreciate: you don't pick up a fine cigar and savour it without having smoked before. Most noobs will gag and retch on a fine scotch. But once you hone your undeveloped sensibilities you can start to appreciate things you otherwise might not.

I tried to appreciate Shakespeare. Other than its humourous anti-Semitism, The Merchant Of Venice has nothing to recommend it. I think I read a couple and most were exercises in grit. (It's like choking down WL's low grade gin and then having to pretend to like in in order not to give offense, HAR HAR HAR!) And now that I think about it - I suppose gin is probably an acquired taste too.

One of my most cherished memories of high school, though - was cutting a class to cut into another one - where they were running the old black and white Liz Taylor version of The Taming Of The Shrew. I suppose now that I think about that ... Shakespeare might be an easier taste to acquire because he wrote in a time when women were still women, and portraying those beautiful, demure queens as lethal shrews was the stuff of high comedy.

Sadly, Liz was to become something of a shrew herself in her later years - and 
it's a fate shared by a rapidly growing number of lonely, barren cat ladies
that modern gender war has produced.

Wonder if a guy can buy that one off iTunes or Netflix? This is one film I could definitely watch again....

Multiple Guess Test

Take Filthie's Voter Test below and get a chance at valuable cash and prizes!!!

As an American/Canadian voter, I am probably best described as:

a. a racist
b. a homophobe
c. a mysoganist
d. a deplorable wretch guilty of all of the above

One of the few amusing aspects of these proggie meat heads is watching them turn on each other and eat their own. This woman is now claiming that she lost her bid to lead the NDP (New Democrat Party (or 'Dippers' as we Canadians refer to these idiots)) - because she was a woman.

This is Jagmeet Singh.
I guess being a smelly vibrant is better than being a 
pregnant woman in leftist victim politics.
Seriously - this mutt is the new leader of the NDP Party.
Can you think of anybody more qualified to represent and 
protect Canadian values?
(Other than Barak Obama, that is...)

There's a definite totem pole to leftist political victim groups but I haven't figured it out yet. It is fun though, to watch my political enemies as their parties become reduced to three-way pie fights between the racists, homophobes, and misogynists.

Take THAT, you evil white males...!!!

I wonder how they found themselves in this ludicrous situation? One of the other bloggers said that leftists used to be the masters of the 'divide and conquer' technique and then they became so divided that they couldn't get along and function any more. If anything they seem to be hellbent on unifying their enemies against them.

Yannow what? It's Hump Day and I don't even wanna think about it! I have my own retards to look after, and so do you! Have a good one, folks!

GAH!!!! The 'Old Manosphere' Strikes Again!

I think the Rat is out scaring the kiddies again. I am seriously considering checking out with a bottle of whisky, a carton of cigarettes and a Colt .45:

Canadian Car Chase

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

BeeDub's VeeDub?

That doesn't look like the work of BW Bandy but ya never know...

Canadian Thanksgiving

Welp – it was Turkey Day up here in Canadistan over the last week.

Family holidays are tough for me, even with my own family. It seems to me that lately, everyone is fuggin nuts. Add to that – that I am not really a family man in the modern sense of the term. There seems to be some kind of rule somewhere that if a family member is doing some kind of wrong – you are obligated to go along with it, pretend that the wrong is actually a right, and keep your goddamned mouth shut even if the lie of it is staring everyone full in the face.  And everything’s political now.

I know that for Thanksgiving I would have been egged by my parents because of my horrible gun addiction. “How can you even own an AR15 after what that loon did in Las Vegas, Glen? If Trump weren’t such an idiot he would have banned all the guns…!!” I can’t even bring myself to fight with my parents on that anymore. They don’t get the fact that evil walks the earth, and that if these guys don’t have guns, they’ll make nail bombs out of pressure cookers. Or fertilizer bombs. I can only imagine what my shit lib mother thinks of those multimillionaire black baboons in the NFL that are dissing the flag and the nation because of how shabby they’re treated. Who wants to spend a holiday with people that leave you wanting to choke them to death? I don’t. And my wife’s family? Good lord, they get their morals, ethics and politics from Orca Winfrey and day time TV and it was open season on me at family gatherings. I became literally worse than Hitler because of my wrong opinions about queers, feminists, Marxists and liberal morons in general. I’m pretty sure my last family dinner with them was thanksgiving several years back – and I literally came within a hair of dropping my knife and my fork on my plate and walking out. Listening to those sanctimonious assholes circle jerk virtue signal each other left my blood pressure soaring. Looking back I should have just bailed. If only I’d known then what I know now.

On Saturday I puttered about in my man cave, snoozed and was a total waste of skin. On Sunday morning I was booted out of bed, shat, showered and shaved – and dragged to church by my wife. I figured I would snore and fart my way through the lecture like I am prone to do when the pastor starts droning – but today Jim had the pulpit, and when a man like Jim speaks… I listen. He’s 66 years old and looks 15 years younger. He’s one of our county’s last viable dirt farmers – the yuppies have over-run the rural countryside here and most of the small family farms were subdivided years ago. He’s about 6’6” and built like an army tank. He isn’t a scholar, he isn’t sanctimonious or stuck up… he’s just a big strapping man that loves his family and his community and his faith and isn’t shy about it. He’s a better man than I am and no bones about it.

For a big man he’s very quiet and his message was very simple. He told us all that in this little chapel, we were all accepted. Whatever corners we had cut, whatever mistakes we had made, whatever sins we had committed – it was all forgiven, water under the bridge. All we had to do was accept the word of our Maker and His Son – and give thanks. He told us to look hard at our problems and see them for what they are… and what they could be. It doesn’t sound like much when I write about it – but that man spoke like I’ve never heard anyone speak before.

I fear I had something of an epiphany, there in the back row, furthest from the pulpit. God doesn’t talk to me. I THINK I’ve felt his hand in my affairs once or twice but who knows? It’s entirely possible my Maker is far too busy for me and has His hands full just making things run. Maybe He does talk and I am just deaf or blind.

None of the Christians there at the chapel seemed to give Jim a second thought; they have tight families, beautiful kids and being accepted and loved is nothing new to them and they just worry about being good folk. They go through life day by day like that. No vicious head games, no lies, delusions or fake narratives. No cheap shots, no cross checking or high sticking. Being with them is about getting along rather than scoring points. Family squabbles? Losing my temper because stupid people were acting stupid? How smart is that? Their problems were all self inflicted – as were mine. There’s people out their coping with REAL problems. It’s time for me to let some of my piffling little tempests in a teapot go.

After church I went to the rifle range and was it ever crappy out! The wind howled, I shot like dirt and then just gave up and put the rifles away in disgust. Afterward I took a few seconds to sneak down the Black Powder Trail where nobody could see me and I got down on my knees the trees and the leaves - and gave thanks. I know my family would have laughed and mocked along with any number of others – but they have problems of their own and if my biggest problem is sneaking away to thank my Maker for a great Sunday… I’m good with it. I shoulda asked for some help with my marksmanship, come to think of it…

Flapz and his wife were out camping so I went over there and was joined by my wife later and we had an informal thanksgiving supper of sorts – an afternoon plate of crackers, cheese, sausage and nibblies by the campfire. I had a beer and a coffee and it was all good. The trees sheltered us from the wind and we had a few laughs.

It was a simple little Thanksgiving up here in Alberta – and the best one by far in a long, long time.

African American Gun Porn And A Stern Lesson On Racism

I suppose this could be the work of Bubba The Home Gun Smith.
But this work is a little too rudimentary, even for Bubba.
The assault rake on the bolt gun is not one of the hallmarks of his work.

Back in the days when I hung out with Rotten Rod and Baloney Bob we were all in Rob's garage tearing down Rob's Cobra kit car. Or - they were, I just drank beer and watched. I work with wood, not metal. In any event, the boys hit a snag and crawled out from under the car, cursing and swearing. "Dammit - we need a gear puller that *&%$#@," Rob griped. The stores were all closed so the boys figured they were done.

But Rob had a beautiful shop with enough power tools to do anything under the sun. "Boys," I slurred around my beer, "ya got all the tools - nigger riggin' a gear puller should be a piece of piss! BEEEELCH!!!" I had seen my dad do it back when I was a boy.

And that's when Bob slapped me up the head! Rob came around and got right in my face! "That'll be enough of casual racism like that in our shop, Filthie! We don't 'nigger-rig' things around here, do we Bob?"

"Nope," Baloney Bob belched, "We 'African-American Engineer them..."

Friday, 6 October 2017

False Economy

I see this kind of thinking all the time and it's legit, especially from war weary Americans that have spent the last two decades saving the world from itself, and the previous two before that pretending to.
But consider this: what if one of those bombs fell on Bin Laden at the right time and place? Or Saddam Hussein? Put a price tag on 911 - and that's worth a helluva lot of bombs 'wasted' on mutts that don't really deserve anything else.
Some people in this world just need killin'...and that's all there is to it.

Rugadda Ruggada Ruggada: Sound Effects & Astrophysics

If you said that is the noise made by a fallen tin bowl or circular tin plate as it hits the floor, you're absolutely right! Sterling Archer demonstrates below:

Now imagine the same physics on a planetary scale:

I've offered to lecture the kids in the MIT Astrophysics program on this fascinating astral phenomenon but I haven't heard back yet on when they want me to present. I wonder what the delay is?

On a related note, some obscure hack named Steve Hawkin or Hawkings has left a number of rude messages on my voice mail. I'm strongly tempted to find out where this cheeky bugger lives and expose him for the quack he is. Such are the trials and tribulations of the upper intellectual elite of academia I suppose!

Hope your Friday's going as well as mine is!!!  :)

Canadian Money

Good gravy! Lookit what I found in my pocket this morning! I thought the bloody British were bad - does anyone know how their money works? Cripes, they got bobs, quails, quids, crowns, tuppences and then something called the pound sterling. Hmmm... an ounce of silver is what? $18.00? So why is a pound sterling worth a buck eighty Canukistani? Those guys are a currency headache by themselves - and we in Canada are going the same way. We did away with the Canadian penny awhile back because it is essentially worthless and we can pretty much make the same argument for the nickel too... and that should tell us all something. Hell, we can probly even make the same argument for the dime!

But as our money becomes more and more worthless, it gets ever more flamboyant. I'm thinking this ethnic abortion is a Canadian two dollar coin. The Franklin Canadian Mint is enthralled with the demons and gods and oogah-boogahs of first nation freeloader mythology and this one celebrates the new Canadian Territory of "Nunavut". Apparently three people live in NoneOfIt and subsist on the dole or something - but they are ever so culturally unique and different that we must celebrate them on our currency dontchya know! HAR HAR HAR! Years ago we had to redesign the $5.00 bill because of political correctness or something and I had enormous sport with it: I went on a political forum and told the liberals that one of the people on it was a shik with a turban...and they LOST their mud!!! "It's a Canadian veteran, you idiot!!! He's wearing a beret!!!" they screamed over the internet, "and you're a fuggin racist!!!" HAR HAR HAR! I got banned when I replied that I hate everyone equally...

I have to admit, I am well and truly stumped. I believe, as do many others, that our economy is a growing house of cards that could topple at any moment and dump us back into a recession or even a full blown depression.  In my circle I am considered a quack for thinking so - most of my friends are spending like drunken sailors and aren't saving a dime or prepping at all. Our banks are not as pozzed as the American banks but our idiot prime minister and his fart catchers have done some things that raise what's left of my hair: they sold off ALL of our remaining gold reserves (our currency is now backed up by European bonds, so I'm told, which is utter lunacy if true) and they quietly legalized the judicial machinery that will allow banks to give investors the same 'haircut' that the banks in Cypress did with their clients.

I dunno what I as a private citizen can do about all this. Prepping? I can just see how that will go in this idiot country - "Why should the young couple down the street with a baby go hungry while you gorge yourself on your hoard, Filthie...?" In that situation I would LIKE to think I'd reply with gun fire...but there's that baby thing. Being a sportsman and a gentleman I would probably be one of the first ones looted by the mob!

Hoarding cash? Stacking precious metals? I have done some but not nearly enough to support me for any length of time. My cash is losing value as it sits in the safe. I dunno what my silver is doing, nor do I know what any of it will do when the bottom falls out. I am overly invested in brass and lead, if ya catch my drift... but what value is that? Look at Venezuela, where EVERYONE is taking it in the shorts.

I'm beginning to wonder if I am the idiot and everyone else is right. Maybe I should go into debt for everything I have and live high on the hog while it lasts on other people's money that were stupid enough to lend me...? After all, if I run out of funds I can always rely on the gov't to take care of me...right?

We'll Get Right On That...

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Game ON: Myth Busting

We've had a difference of opinion going on over at Pete's.

The boys are all a-flutter about drones. Something about people playing with these things just seems to set grumpy old men off. Now they are all gasping in shock and clutching at their pearls because the filthie jihadies from Dirkadirkastan are apparently using these things to drop bombs on our helpless squaddies and Marines! Oh noes!!!!!

Dirka dirka! Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad!!!

I can't believe we're even having this argument. The boys (and the turd brained journalists from FOX in the viddeeyah) - are telling us that hobby drones like mine can be used to drop grenades, bombs, bioweapons and thermite on innocent civilians, grumpy old men, and kittens.

My drone is a home made affair that has fair lift capacity for a drone. It's lifting capacity is easily 75% that of the biggest of the so-called hobby drones.

Don't get me wrong; the surveillance and reconnaissance abilities of small drones can give the bad guys a big edge under the right circumstances. But - dropping bombs? I personally don't think it's possible but we need to find out. In the next week or two I will try to rig up a test and see - how much weight can my drone actually lift?

That's an M67 fragmentation grenade.
According to the specs I have this thing weighs 390 grams.
I am going to try and lift a similar mass - and see if it 
can be flown with any kind of precision with my own hobby drone that I
built a couple years ago.

I would dearly love to test this with an actual, live, hand grenade - but for some stupid reason our police department figgers that guys like me probably shouldn't be playing with stuff like this. It's probably for the best, given my numerous psychological and emotional problems, HAR HAR HAR!

Place your bets now, folks. Will Filthie's crapcopter be able to deliver a lethal payload of explosive?

We'll find out!

This is a tricopter that belongs to Flapz. 
Mine is a V Tail quad rotor.

Death from above!!!!!
Will the Minions be able to put an M67 sized payload of high explosive into the air?
Will they be able to bomb Pete and the USMC into submission?
Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!!!

I shouldn't mock the boys. The fact of the matter is these things are getting bigger and cheaper all the time and their capabilities are expanding exponentially. Here is an example of a small racing drone (about the size of your hand if you stretch out your fingers):

Keep in mind that Nurk is a sorcerer class pilot, respected
by the aviation gods themselves. Even by his standards - this is some world class flying. Guys like you and I probably will
never be able to fly like this -
never mind some dirty, yodelling moslem mudflap who wipes with his
hands and does unspeakable things to nanny goats.

We'll see where this goes, and I'll keep ya posted.

That One's Off To Coopville....

Has Anyone Seen Quartermain...?

And how in the hell did he get to Florida???

I woulda thunk a pervert like him woulda gone up to Norman Wells! HAR HAR HAR! When I was a kid I wanted to go up there because one of my heroes and roll models was a millwright or a tin basher that always proudly wore a tee shirt with a pic of a rig pig dry humping a polar bear and the caption said "YA GOTTA BE TOUGH TO LIVE IN NORMAN WELLS".

For those a you that don't know where Norman Wells is - it's way yup north in the Northwest Territories. It's so far outta the way, that not even BW Bandy gets up there - and if he did, he'd have to watch out for polar bears AND rig pigs! HAR HAR HAR!

Apparently ya gotta be tough to live in Florida too - and knowing Quartermain as I do I will bet the poor gator got the worst of it!  :)

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Captain Capitalism Learns Us All on Everything We Need To Know About Living Life Right

I like the good Captain. Have to consider him a bit of a feather merchant though, his schtick is to sell common sense and since I tend to be independently wealthy in that regard I see no need to buy his books or "consulting services".


And he's done alright too, apparently he owns his own home and spends his time travelling and writing. By contrast, my life has been one long, continuous shit show. Unplanned pregnancy as kids. Shotgun marriage. Contemptuous, disrespectful in laws. Contemptuous, disrespectful daughter. Militant SJW lesbian daughter. Estranged daughter. A long career of working for peanuts and taking crap off abusive, disprectful employers. Broken family.

Why - I haven't done one thing RIGHT in my life! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

If I could go back in time and change things? Somewhere in that decades long train wreck, I met some truly wonderful people and did some remarkable things. I survived and even succeeded a bit. I have two dogs that love me but don't respect me. I have a wonderful wife that still loves me and respects me too - how many guys have that, these days? I go shoot whenever I want and camping on weekends. Might start hunting again too.

If I could go back in time and change things with the idea of making me a better person today I don't think I would. I am fine with my warts, wrinkles and aches and pains. My scars, internal and external - I earned them all and wouldn't give them up at any price.

How about you? Did you live your life right? Would you go back and change the events that made you the man you are today?

When We Were Kings

When I was a kid we all had Enfield .303's. Yannow the friggin Yanks are always carping about their '03 Springfields and their M1 Garands... and they ARE nice guns... but the Enfield's were mighty fine milsurps too. Up here in Canada, back in the 60's nobody in my circle could afford a fine Winchester or Remington sporting gun. All our dads had was Enfield's or maybe some handed down lever guns.

My dad had one like the one in this pic and he sent it to my grandfather for safe keeping because us kids were always playing with it. Grampa was a doughboy in WW1 and I never found out what happened to that gun. Grampa M. hated guns with the heat of 1000 suns after what he endured in the trenches. For him, living high on the hog was puttering in his green house and just having enough to eat.

I bought an old pristine .303 Smelly (SMLE) in high school and hated it because it wasn't flashy and cool like the AR's and Mini 14's the cool kids had. I paid $150.00 for it, and like an idiot - I sold it. How I wish I had that gun today. I have a small fortune invested in my guns - but there is something about the classic mil surp guns that just warms the soul.

Here in Canada, back when we were kings - we shot Enfields.

Today's Rule 5 Violation: Girls With Guns


The coast is clear: Uncle Bubba is sleeping off a 3 day bender. Wirecutter seems distracted with his own blog, as is Woodsterman. Firehand is nowhere to be seen. Sweet!

I know I shouldn't do this. The last time I did a post about girls with guns, Quartermain, Pete and Jack beat me up and washed my face out with snow.  But... I can't help myself!!!

Take that, you mysoganistic a-holes!!!
Go ahead! Go ahead and tell her that nothing
beats a pair of .38's!
I dare ya!!!

On The Next Exciting Episode of Gotham...

Bruce Wayne has an unfortunate accident
with one of his prototype
crime fighting weapons.

I admit it. I watch Gotham. I love everything about it - the ham acting is worth the price of the ticket alone. How the actors can keep straight faces as they play their parts - I will never know. But they do - same way Adam West and his crew did for us kids back in the 60's. The adults on the show are all loons or criminal scum or incompetent. The kids are all mature, rational and capable. The show is a prequel - it revolves around the characters as youngsters. Bruce Wayne is about 14, as is the Cat Woman and The Penguin and Riddler and all the villains are young adults - before they became super heroes and super villains. Every episode ends with a nail biting cliff hanger too!

I feel sorry for the kids actually. There's a tempest in the tea pot going on right now amongst the nerds. From what I heard the comic book publishers are all pushing new age gender theory and political correctness; Captain America is now a woman, a bunch of the lesser ones are queers and pervs, and I think Spiderman's black now. And of course their sales are going through the floor because kids don't want to see dreck like that in their heroes. The nerds have retaliated and apparently are starting up a new line of graphic novels that will hopefully give the kids something they'll really like.

Now, if you'll excuse me - I want to go play Batman too! I will need one of my mom's tea towels for a cape, some clothes pins... and maybe Pop's lighter and a can of lighter fluid... and if one of you would be a sport and keep a fire extinguisher handy, I'll show ya what the kid in the gif above is doing wrong...

Have a good Tuesday!