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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Man's Rifle Shouldn't Be Uglier Than The Man Himself

These were the words of visiting scholar emeritus, Gorges Grouse upon seeing my range rifle which I now call "Robbie".

That's the Robinson Armament XCR-L Keymod Designated Marksman Rifle.

I admit Robbie is pretty damned ugly to look at. This gun drove me crazy trying to work up a load for it and I was seriously starting to despair until last weekend. Behold: powder charge in grains on the left, group size on the right, all fired at 100 yards.

2.250" OAL
IMR 3031 

23.7 GR 1.018"
23.9 GR 0.177" (FLUKE)
24.1 GR 1.156"
24.3 GR 0.671"
24.5 GR 0.393" FLUKE?
24.7 GR 0.396"

That's a chit house Nosler bulk bullet burning progressively larger doses of IMR 3031 gun powder! That is accuracy darn near worthy of a United States Marine, never mind a gun club stubfart like Yours Truly! I'm trying not to get excited because sometimes flukes happen and maybe I just had a lucky day on the range. I am going to repeat this test ASAP to confirm the results before I get officially happy about it.

I got taken into the boards on another blog for this gun - some of the folks saw no reason for owning a high capacity semi-auto and I didn't make a stink about it because most of them were elderly seniors that didn't know what they were talking about or what is involved.

I admit that part of the reason for me owning this gun is as it's value as a raised middle finger to the liberals that infest the gov't and the RCMP. I don't trust those a-holes farther than I can throw them and you shouldn't either. Sadly - our RCMP are now easily as or more corrupt than any other police force in North America. But the real reason I own a high cap gas gun is actually because of one of these:

This WAS my gun. A heart stopping elegant Ruger No.1 single shot
in .25-06.
A "once in a lifetime" gun that outshot guns costing three times as much.

Back in 1999 I found a sweet Ruger No. 1 on the used gun rack. I was new to the sport and Baloney Bob helped me wring it out and work up a load for it: An 85 grain Nosler BT on 58 grains of IMR4350! I still remember the load to this day. For range work I dropped that down to 54 grains and that beast would print group after group after group .75 MOA (3/4" groups at 100 yards) or less, all day long. For years, I shot that gun and impressed even Baloney Bob with it. Soon I was shooting better than he was. For 14 years, pound after pound of gunpowder went down that gun's gullet and finally, one day... the groups started opening up. The velocities fell off. A trip to the gunsmith and a look with the bore scope confirmed the worst: I had burned the throat out on the old girl. Oh sure, you can rebarrel them and I seriously thought about it - but that's a crap shoot. There is no guarantee that your new barrel would shoot as well as the old one. I gave it to Flapz' son and bought a black rifle for my range work. .223 is cheap to shoot and cheaper to reload - and if I ever burn the barrel on Robbie I will just loosen the bolt at the front of the receiver, pull and twist - and slide the barrel out and pitch it in the garbage! Reverse that procedure to install a new one. No gunsmith required! A new one is only $600.00. Cheap brass, cheap bullets, easy to reload, and fun to shoot - all that, plus: guns like Robbie offend liberals and stupid people! Ya gotta love it! Plus - on top of all that - it is a lot easier to say goodbye to a mass produced gas gun like Robbie than it is for a faithful and handsome gentleman's gun like the big Ruger. My heart broke when the gunsmith gave me the bad news about that gun and I still feel a twinge of sadness when I think about it. BAH! Old men and their toys!

Getting back to Gorges and his comments about how a rifle shouldn't be uglier n' its contraire:

The full length rifles are going cheap at Tradex Canada for $500.00 and up!
In the manly 577/450 black powder round!
The full length service rifles are a lot friendlier and easier on the shoulder
than these carbines are.
If I can find a good one at a reasonable price I may consider it. The
brass is obsolete and has to be fabbed by hand from brass 24 guage

Be still my beating heart.
Tradex has these in .50-70 but they are all in pretty rough shape.
If I can find a good one at a reasonable price...I may go with this instead.

Now that Robbie seems to be coming along, another manly single shot rifle is definitely in the works. (I need to be properly equipped for when I go on safari in Africa with world famous author and adventurer, WL Emery). But in a nutshell, that is my gun strategy: a gun designed for a high rate of fire for range and play - and a friendly, gentlemanly single shot for duties in the field and around the campfire. Rest assured I WILL find another single shot, it may or may not be uglier than I am... but shopping and hunting is half the fun.

See ya at the range.


  1. I stand by my words, after all, I'm one of those elderly seniors that don't know what they were talking about. You had a good gun once, apparently, and you blew it by burning it out. Me, I used to take ONE SHOT A YEAR, clean the rifle and then work up the deer. No joke. But then I always was a bit of a tightwad. ;-)

    1. That's the way it's done, Gorges. Get close, put them down and out with one and fill up the freezer!

      As a kid reading the gun rags, that isn't the way it works, of course. In the ads, the magnificent stag comes out of the trees 300 yards away in blowing snow. Treacherous winds taunt the steely eyed rifleman. His pride, his ego, his reputation all come on the line in one single shot... so of course ya need the latest and greatest guns n ammo to do all that!

      You cannot possibly imagine my disappointment when I actually started to hunt and see the reality of it. The shots are usually remarkably easy. There is very little real sport in it, the only reason to hunt is for meat and for fun and the gun rags are full a beans!

      I've gone back to the rifle range where we put it all on the line in cut-throat impromptu turkey shoots where the grand prize might only be a cup of coffee... but we play for blood, ask for no quarter and give none! Gloating and snivelling are high art forms for us and we put them to good use after our informal shoots.

      When women and civilians are involved in our shoots we 'sand bag' them: we fire one set for score and then handicap the usual suspects to make it sporting for everyone.
      I'm thinking of having an easter egg rifle shoot for the pork eaters this year and it should be a good time if I can get permission from the club executive...

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  2. I used to do some target shooting with a .22, but nothing official. As for deer hunting, a skilled shooter could get all the deer he needs with a .22, and one shot kills even then. Of course, it's not legal, but a lot of back holler poor folks keep the fridge filled that way. In states like West Virginia, where the DNR refuses to manage the herd, I can't say as I blame them. I gave up raising a serious garden years ago because of them.

    1. Ya can't kill 'em any deader than DEAD, Gorges. An inuit lady up in the NWT killed a polar bear raiding her garden that was bigger than your house - with a .22. I wouldn't want to do it but if you get in real close it will certainly do the job.

    2. "...always was a bit of a tightwad. ;-)

      Great example, Gorges, for being a tightwad. Grin, grin. Old Timers could teach young ignorant scalawags so much if only they'd listen' to those old ones who "don't know what they are talking about". Partly the reason our world is as it is now.

  3. Somethin' is wrong again with Blogger! Glen, sorry for the deletions.

    1. Yeah - I dunno what it is. Unca Bob always gets duplicate posts when he drops by here from time to time...