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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Been There, Done That...

... bought the tee shirt.

That is Zoe Quinn. Xhe doesn't want to be a man, xhe doesn't want to be a woman - she just wants to be a victim that we all have to feel sorry for.

You can bet Zoe's parents are proud. She's
two years younger than my daughter.

Welcome to my daughter's tribe: Sexually disturbed, offended by everything ... and lost in the world. At least she's not doing nudies on the internet - I hope. How do you help somebody like this? Do you feed their psychotic behaviour? Do you challenge it? Do you medicate it? Or do you throw away your morality, ethics and common sense and pretend that this is healthy behaviour for a young lady - and submit to it?

A lot of people seem to think so. According to Wiki, she's a hapless victim of internet trolls and monsters. Wiki is infested with politically correct social justice wankers that WOULD say that. Just for giggles I checked her out on Infogalactic and they made much less reference to all the harassment she supposedly suffered. I'm still wondering how you bully someone over the internet. If I don't like all the rotten things BW says about me I don't have to read his stuff! Even a kid should understand that!

It blows my mind how we got here too. Anyone with an IQ above freezing will tell you that if you go around picking fights and provoking people - you're not a victim if somebody turns around and kicks your butt for it. And the people enabling and encouraging this - I don't think we are mainstreaming degenerate sexual conduct so much as all out mental illness.

When my own daughter went off the rails I found myself in the worst possible place a parent could be. I couldn't help my daughter because that would be seen as an actionable hate crime in today's society, and I couldn't live with myself lying to her and telling here that she is a beautiful, wonderful person when she was actually a hateful, angry and bitter young woman.

They start young.
I dunno how many times I looked into
a little stormy face like this and wondered,
"Is this normal?"
Once in awhile I could see it...but jeez louise...all the time?

This is my theory, from the out house where the toilet seat is freezing cold, and the TP is kept in a coffee can. As a child my daughter was moody and rebellious and quite frankly - a little unlikeable. When she went to school she graduated into being a progressively more aggressive and infuriating little shit until one day in grade three - I had had it. The time outs didn't work. The groundings didn't work. The teacher at school was giving me hell because my daughter wouldn't behave in class. My in laws were undermining me by letting her off her non-coporal punishments. I got the lickin' stick out, gave them all the finger - and tanned that girl's hide the same way my Dad did when I was a kid! And wonder of wonders - she straightened up and flew right after that. She got good marks. She made a few friends. Then in high school, she just went weird. She was always in her room on her computer and only came out for meals or to play video games - it was the only time I could get her to talk. But she got super marks at school and then she moved out and was gone. She came back from university with the same problems Zoe has. As I read her email where she 'came-out' it brought back memories of that little screaming face... and I was flummoxed.

I think they're born this way. It's possible she was born normal and then I dropped her on her head or she fell off her bike or something - but I think she came into this world with a chip on her shoulder and I will bet she leaves with it too. I don't think that we are mainstreaming degenerate sexuality so much as we are mainstreaming mental illness.

Well, as these kids go off the rails to whatever fates and futures that await them I am heartened that all is not lost. Infogalactic came about as a result of the usual liberal ass hattery involving 'narratives', 'political correctness', historical revision etc etc etc. (In other words, lying and deceit). Infogalactic is an effort in getting honesty out to those of us that need it, and keeping the facts straight. One has to admire the kids involved and the integrity with which they're taking their mission. If we could get all our kids to manage their information according to those 'seven canons' - everyone would be further ahead.


  1. Personally, I think the devil gets hold of them and only God can straighten them out. Unfortunately, that means there must be a moment when they finally accept that they are NOT normal and okay, and most have egos that won't allow that. It's the same with the rest of us, too, just different issues.

    1. Well you might have the right of it Gorges. All I know for sure is that the folks telling us to invert our morality to accommodate this crap... They're all wrong.

  2. Kids nowadays are being poisoned by the environment and junk foods.....and don't even get me started on the vaccines. Then there are the liberal communists teaching them in school. Check out the textbooks nowadays. I agree with Gorges..... their eyes are demonized...wild.

    1. People here are pulling their kids out of public school in droves. The progtards are so alarmed by it that they are trying to make alternative lifestyles and sexuality part of the school curriculum. It's going to be an interesting battle...