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Monday, 2 January 2017

Filthie Gets Fingered

As a white male raised in better times by better people I get the ol' one finger salute all the time. Let's see - if I miss anyone please raise your hands! People that hate me on the basis of my skin, gender, creed, and for all the other politically incorrect reasons include:

  • the queers and their pan-gendered variants and facsimiles
  • the feminists
  • the race whores in all the frooty colours of the rainbow
  • environmentalists
  • social liberals
  • fiscal liberals
  • some of the more deplorable and enthusiastic members of the Alt-Right (I yam a 'cuck', dontchya know, HAR HAR HAR!)
  • the moslems (but they hate everyone including themselves. I count them in only to avoid giving offense and hurting the feelings of an identifiable minority group).
  • welfare and entitlement slobs (Mornin' Rat!)
  • there's undoubtedly more, feel free to add in the comments

Maybe if I were an environmentalist it would mitigate my
unspeakable white male-ness.

I don't get offended or threatened by it because my skin is a white magical shield of privilege that allows me to live the high life of wealth and luxury whilst the Pore N' Starvin' eke out a life of misery that I have magically inflicted upon them.

While cruising the blogosphere I came across an angry lesbian that informs us that her homosexual friends are planning to use Trump's inauguration as a means to celebrate something more important: queer marriage! It would be a raised middle finger to the president-elect and all his icky friends and supporters!  (I didn't tell her that if these marriages were genuine and not mere comical parodies - the participants wouldn't even consider subverting them for politics). I DID suggest in the comments though, that Trump's election was pretty much a raised middle finger right back at her and her snarky friends. Maybe she's worried Trump'll grab her by the pussy or something.


The lefties and liberals aren't getting it. They think they lost the election because the Russians hacked it - this despite the fact that there is NO evidence to support it. And there IS ample evidence that they lost it because Americans are sick and tired of shitty people ruining their country and calling them names as they do it. Give me the finger again! Because it worked so well for the last 8 years you've been doing it! HAR HAR HAR! Sadly, this is what passes for political discourse for stupid people and liberals.

A hundred years ago we had a premiere here in Alberta that was more like Donald Trump than Trump is! Ralph Klein assumed leadership of a great province that was mired in debt, divided by pandering, cronyism, corruption and mired in debt - with no end in sight. Ol Ralph went in and started chopping out the deadwood and you could hear the screaming and wailing from as far away as Nova Scotia! Ralph was killing the Pore N Starvin!!! He hated single moms! He hated queers! He hated puppies and kittens!!! Why, he ate puppies and kittens!!!! He was a great big mean poopeyhead!!!


Ol' Ralph stopped, opened his mouth as if to speak...and stopped again. The media slobs, the welfare cheats, the career snivel servants lit up in anticipation of finally scoring a point on the premier and hoped against hope that they had broken his resolve! When he finally did speak... he said, "Meh. I've been called worse by better people..." and he laughed.

Here is my prediction for 2017: you will see
Donald Trump do the same thing Ralph did - to some real assholes
that seriously deserve it in the coming year.

Sometimes, seems like more often these days... this is how debates and discussions end. Liberals have been telling us to talk to the hand... so maybe they can talk to the finger. Or, if they want to get stupid about it - the gun.

Welp - it's -22C outside - and it's time for Dog Patrol. Stay warm you guys.

UPDATE: Well - that didn't take long. Does that count as giving someone the finger?


  1. I've always heard that folks who fly the bird are merely bragging about their IQ. (That's generally true, if you think about it.)

  2. There is a time and a place to flip that bird - and that is when you are dealing with low information types that refuse to educate or inform themselves.

    There are also more intelligent ways to flip the bird too, I suppose. Either way, the message is the same.