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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Gone Fishin' - Addendum

Interesting food for thought turns up in the damndest places.

As some of you know I got in a bit of a pissing match with The Mohave Rat awhile back when I had the unmitigated gall to seriously consider adopting the faith. My wife had just done so herself, and given my family circumstances and the way it was going for them with their inverted morality and ethics ... it sure looked like a good idea to me. I like Christians.

Welp, that set The Rat off and he started saying some awful things about my wife and me and Christians in general. In doing so he revealed himself to be an angry, bitter man who in truth - isn't all that bright either. He certainly wasn't the man I though he was, and I deleted his comments and deleted him from the blogroll. He's been trying to troll me ever since - and because I'm not that bright either - I trolled him right back, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Okay! Alright, already!!! I promise to stop picking on the retards, okay? Sheesh - a guy can't have any fun sometimes! HAR HAR HAR! I will leave the old bastard to himself from here on out! I just want everyone to know that my good natured pranking induced The Rat to write his Magnum Opus.

LOL - who knew? The bible tells us that we cannot defend ourselves? And therefore one can assume that the 2nd Amendment, the right to self defense, and the entire United States of America - are an offense to God? Then he trots out the fact that more wars have been fought in the name of religion than any other cause. How can you not enjoy this? It is, as they say, like watching a monkey trying to hump a football! :)

When I was a kid, I believed chit like this. I literally grew up with it. My mother thinks the same way, that the bible is a pile of crap, that Christians are sanctimonious assholes and hypocrites - and she is entirely blind to those exact same qualities in herself. Most progs and liberals are. Through some twisted logic, double standards, and flat our lying - it's okay when they do it. If anyone else does it, it's a sin! We let them get away with crap like that and we shouldn't. That's one of the reasons I took time out to slap The Rat around a bit.

I'm no longer going to argue with these idiots or debate with them or try to gently persuade them into listening to me. This is MY relationship with my Maker at this point, I know that it is almost certainly flawed... and if they don't like it, they know where the door is. It may not be perfect, it may not be correct, but it's the best I can do right now:

Is beauty and serenity like this the pointless and random product of coincidence and chance and impossible odds?
Or was it put there for us by Somebody that loves us and
wants us to do something worthy with it?
I admit I don't see God's presence in scenes like this - but I can feel it. That's good enough for me.
Your mileage may vary.

That's it. That's all I know for sure right now.

The Rat starts quoting scriptures and verses to prove what a hypocrite and shit head I am for owning guns and I can't argue - I do not have the biblical background and mythology to refute him on those terms and even if I did he probably isn't worth the effort. I seem to recall some acquaintance telling me that nobody quotes scripture better than the devil. (I might add unhappy and bitter old men to that one myself, but whatever).

I'm just spitballing here but I don't think Rat and those like him can ever understand faith because they don't understand human nature, much less history. Christians have waged wars when they felt threatened and held inquisitions. I admit that when those things happened there were a lot of injustices incurred - and contrary to Rat, a lot of justice dispensed too. What Rat and his old hippies don't understand is that wherever there is power and money, you will find greed and vileness. He tries to place the blame for historical atrocities on the faith, whereas it belongs on the men that would subvert it to their ends. Power corrupts, not faith. Christians are smart, hard working and industrious. Wherever they go, they generate wealth and their communities flourish. Today liberals, moslems and atheists are tearing down those communities with their icky morals and ethics - and they have economies and communities like those in Detroit to show for it. Hey - I'm just callin' 'em as I see 'em! Today politics drive the violence. One can only laugh as another monkey humps his football: Obama is trying to reignite the cold war with Russia! :)

I've seen folks like Rat and my mother rail at the church because of those choir boy - diddling priests awhile back... and I just shake my head at the stupidity. They don't understand that predators go where the prey is. The church has started policing itself and the number of these incidents fell away; now the pedos are hunting among the Scouts, minor hockey and baseball and the schools. To blame the church for those pedos was an act of utter stupidity - the gays should be hauled out and horse whipped for that one if you ask me. Apropos of nothing at all... I notice California just quietly legalized child prostitution and barely a peep is heard from the liberals like Rat who supposedly care ever so much for the children. With dummies like them in our leadership, the kids would benefit more from  an armed escort to and from school in the morning rather than a carton of milk!

I have an elementary, rudimentary faith in God. I have absolutely NONE in men with the
exception of my wife and her friends - most of whom are Christians. They
and I will leave you alone - but rifles like this will make
sure YOU leave US alone too.

It may make me a sinner, I don't care; if I or my family are confronted or endangered by failed liberal political social experiments - my faith is in that rifle AND with my Maker. To mangle a metaphor: I will render unto Darwin and Murphy what is theirs - but I will not bow down to them. That isn't hypocrisy, that is common sense. Rat's road to hell may be paved with good intentions - but there's quite a bit of stupidity in there too.

I will try to square myself with my Maker as much as possible - and hope that He appreciates the effort at least. If you have a better way - I am all ears.

ADDENDUM: Gorges and Pete weigh in on the comments as they always do and I really appreciate the time they took to do it. They're good men and I value their friendship. Those of you that have sent emails - thanks to you too! We must all be of a similar mind - even Uncle Bob is kinda sorta thinking along the same lines.


  1. The problem with atheists is that they can't conceive of anything more powerful than their own mind. Think about how pathetic THAT is! Basically, they ARE their own god. Another big problem is the huge number of folks who SAY they're Christians but aren't, since that gives the atheists someone to point at. The Bible is a complex book, though the main issues are pretty easily understood. We DO have a right to self-defense, and we ARE supposed to answer the "government's" call to arms. I always tell folks to start reading the scriptures by getting a red-letter version of the Bible and just reading Christ's words for a while, then, branch out to John and Proverbs.

    1. I think you may be right Gorges. I might have to filch the wife's bible. There's so much to chew on...

  2. "I have an elementary, rudimentary faith in God." Don't we all, Glen. God has made much good use out of men such as us! That much knowledge is enough for infinite hope!

    I've met SOME good, happy atheists. By and large though I find them to be the angriest, most unhappy people on Earth. I guess it sucks when you reach the end of yourself and there's nothing else. You end up a prisoner of your own lack of belief and stubborn ways.

    As for the Bible telling us we can't defend ourselves; yeah; the Bible says "Turn the other cheek" and "Love one another." I try to do these very things. Truth is though, all the love in the world isn't going to stop another person from hating me, and wanting to chop my head off. Sometimes, you just gotta fight. As long as your motives are in line with God's, you've got it made. The Old Testament is FULL of such testimony!

    As for turning the other cheek... I'll do that... Those that would strike my cheeks though, be advised; both of this American's cheeks have been slapped... Don't go for a third smack... 'cause you won't get close enough...

    I got a sign out front of my house, Glen: "These premises protected by God and a German Shepherd. Come here meaning to do harm, and you just might meet 'em both... And GOD HELP YOU if anything happens to that dog!"

    That about sums it up!

    1. You have a german shepherd, Pete? You ARE a blessed man! My friends raise them and compete with theirs and I just love them.

      We are of simililar mind, my friend...

    2. I have NEVER seen a smarter dog than a German Shepherd, Glen. We got Dana as a pup. I'll tell you; German Shepherds are the hardest dogs to raise BECAUSE of their smarts. They act like teenagers, thinking they know more than you do. For the first two years, I damned near wanted to kill her! She leveled off one day; literally one day, and became the best damned dog I've ever had!

      Yeah; we're of similar mind, Glen. That's why I keep coming back.

      Salutes to the North!

    3. My friends have three of them and it is EXACTLY as you say: the first two years are living hell - but once they're done? Oh boy... I've been around dogs all my life and not even my beloved mutts measure up to a well raised German Shepherd. :)

  3. Jesus said 'sell your cloak and buy a sword.
    He did not tell soldiers to quit soldiering, He told them to be content with their pay.

    remember, mr. rat has had his heart broken a few terrible times and it has left the scars. be as kind as possible.

    1. I'm afraid I gave it to him with both barrels, Deb. Broken heart or no, there is no excuse for slagging people that have done more for the needy than he ever has. Broken heart or no - when you slag a man's wife you are picking a fight and no bones about it. He had it coming and then some.

      You are right though - I will leave him be from here on out.

    2. Good for you, G Filthie. I agree on everything you have said; I don't have the ability to express myself as you can. This man has been ranting and getting under readers skin since his first post. His attitude is the cause of readers slapping back. Some only suck up to him! It's either that or he'll kick you in the teeth. Maybe he will consult with the V A about his lack of comprehension with others and their right to their beliefs. Deep down, he hates himself; that's really pathetic with a huge ego. He started out bragging he was a preacher! Wat oppened? I wonder.

    3. Thanks for stopping by, Caddie!

      Holy Mackaral! I've been a dunce! Yes, he does hate himself - it should have been obvious! All of a sudden a lot of things start making sense...

  4. Watch now; more retaliation coming soon. You can take that 'to the bank' as fact. It will come as a red hot splash of profanity and hatred toward us/those unworthy "deplorables" that he considers beneath his fine qualities.