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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Remington's Great Outdoors: Restricted Adult - No Snowflakes Or Bedwetters


Now I've seen everything...

I dunno what these guys were trying to prove, really. I can skin a deer out in 30~45 minutes - but I go slow, take my time and keep everything scrupulously clean. Baloney Bob could do it in about 20~30 minutes - by himself. He's an expert and prefers to handle such things all by himself.

One odd day in November I had shot the Guiness Book Of World Records smallest deer. Usually November means snow and -20C at least but we were in shirt sleeves. Baloney Bob and Rotten Rob accused me of shooting an immature Chi Hoo-hoo and chortled to themselves as they laughed at their own lame and ignernt jokes. Bob was proposing a field dressing method like this one and I thought he was full a beans.

I'll be damned.

I specifically remembered my response to their ass hattery too: I proposed to clean ducks and geese with the 4x4 - place the carcasses under and in front of the wheels of the truck. Put the truck in 4x4 and slowly drive forward - and the meat will squirt out like a peanut between greased thumbs! The boys agreed: it theoretically could be done.

WL and I are off to Coopville for the proof of concept trials tomorrow! We'll let ya know how that one shakes out


  1. Plenty of possums, geese & deer here in Joisey if 'ya wanna use the 4x4 method on 'em. Charlie and the girls don't want to watch, though...

  2. Possums aren't edible, are they CM? We don't have them here in Alberta...

  3. They are, but only if you are really, really hungry. Our roads are loaded with the flat ones....

  4. possum pancakes--first sign of spring. forget the robins.

  5. Well I am impressed. I would never do it, but it is cool. And we have possums here in Michigan, and I would not eat one. Scavengers, you know. I have eaten porkypine, just get them before winter, when they eat pine trees and taste like it. They do taste a little like pork. I have not had this in years. Fond memories, of my youth.