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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Rifle Review: Robinson Armament

Any squaddies around here? What in hell is a 'designated marksman' anyways?

Robinson Armament developed the XCR-L Keymod Rifle a couple years back and advertised it as a rifle for the 'designated marksman'. I am a civvie; when you call somebody a 'marksman' I figure we are talking about snipers like Firehand and Wirecutter. Aaaaand I woulda thunk that would mean a rifle capable of above average accuracy.

Tim at the rod n gun club is my brother-from-another-mother. He's short, fat, bald, and RUDE. (Okay, no he's not rude, he's a gentleman) and he lent me his XCR-L for a few rounds. This was about five four or five years ago and I was shooting all the time. I took the rifle and put on a clinic for the boys that left them all (me included) champing at the bit to go buy one for ourselves.

Oh boy.
This gun might make sense - but only if you're Canadian.

I got mine for just under 3 grand. That's a lot of money for a rifle and you Yanks are probably wondering what in hell is wrong with us Canukistanis for shelling out coin like that on a rifle like this. Lemme explain: our gubbermint is infested with fwenchmen, faggots, feminists and fools PLUS the usual incompetent idiots you guys have. They put the AR15 on the restricted list - but through their typical idiocy a few similar guns got through - and this was one of them. They're non-restricted which means the gubbermint doesn't track them the same way they do with pistols. That's a big deal here in Canada.

Is this thing a viable replacement for the AR15?

No. For three grand you can get a top tier AR that will shoot circles around it.

Is this a 'designated marksman's rifle'?

No. So far bulk factory ammo is coming in around 2 MOA off the bags and my handloads will bring that down to around 1.2 MOA. Some groups go sub MOA, some open up - I figure that is a good average. That is pretty average performance for a LOT of money spent. I got so damned mad, I threw it in the gun safe and forgot about it and bought a Springfield M1A match gun! And so it languished in the safe until I noticed it again and decided to get serious and actually wring the gun out.

Little chilly at the club today.... but oh so beautiful with the frost on everything...

I am just a smidge short of sub-MOA accuracy with Berger VLD match bullets.
That is a premium (expensive) bullet. Groups really open up with the
cheap stuff.
You can just barely see the frost on the stock where I snuggle up to it. That is
just condensation from my breath.

Shooting a proper benchrest technique might tighten up the groups a tenth of an inch or two... but over all this gun is a disappointment for bench shooting. But oooooohhhh.... the story changes when you go offhand! Your mileage will vary on this - but that rifle sits in my hands like it was born there. I can smack iron gongs with this beast from the positions as well as I can with any AR15! I dunno why that is - but there it is. I can shoot this gun better offhand than I can with a precision AR. And really, performance and accuracy aren't that bad for a shit house low profile barrel. Getting heavy bull or target barrels to shoot is easy - not so with the slim sporter and military barrels! It's controls and ergonomics will wipe the matt with the AR15 (and again, that is a matter of opinion - your mileage may vary).  My official comment is this: for the money you will easily get a better AR15. BUT: with the same R&D and after-marketing - I will bet this beast would be a better rifle. This is a piston gun and not a gas impingement system like the AR has. Much cleaner and easily as robust. I still have some tweaking and tinkering to do too and we'll see how that shakes out. Today was cold and windy and not the best for precision accuracy testing either.

I've been coming to this club for ... shoot - 30 YEARS now...
It's a beautiful piece of property...

This is Firebase Filthie. I almost killed Flapz
here when we did some winter camping and he got really cold. Shoot - that was almost 20 years ago too! WOW.
When we got back to town he promptly ordered some proper cold weather
camping gear.
Now that I'm older my blood doesn't run as hot and thick as it used to.
Still might try an overnighter here, soon though.
Cabin fever is setting in and it's only January...

Try and stay warm this weekend folks. She's a little windy out there...

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  1. I always made it a rule to never have a gun that was uglier than me. That still leaves me a lot to work with, but it definitely leaves THAT one out of the running. Of course it leaves MOST black or pastel guns out too.