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Friday, 13 January 2017

Sex Education For Old Farts

Occasionally Unca Bob over at the Treehouse tries to give the younger fellas better advice on the fairer sex and matters of the heart than they would get from the sewer so-called 'Manosphere'. He does alright for the most part - but like all old farts, his world has come and gone and the behaviours, the morals and ethics that he espouses - have gone with it. He maintains that the innate nature of men and women are what they are and we are the same critters our ancestors were in Roman times and even earlier.

I agree with that up to an extent. The human animal is what it is, and like all animals, they tend to perform and exist in certain predictable ways. But beyond that - we are capable of some serious jack-assery that leaves me wondering how in hell it is that we haven't wiped ourselves off the face of the earth sometimes. The world and women that Bob loved and dated are long gone and is nothing like what the kids face today. On a couple of occasions I smugly chided him for being clued out of the times. (I wasn't too smug; the world and women of my youth are receding in the rear view mirror too).

I am fortunate in that some of my readers are very high class people. They are the best of the best: they're land owners, tradesmen, respected (and lovingly disrespected) elders, working men and women - the kind of folks that may not be filthy rich - but good folks with strong manners, and iron clad bullet proof morals and ethics. You two know who you are, HAR HAR HAR!!!

WARNING: What follows is, what I'm hoping - is a dirty joke fit for rig pigs, fire fighters, Marines, Sailors, and hare-lipped retards like Yours truly. Decent folks with a sense of morality will really want to give what follows - a solid, deliberate miss.

At first I roared with laughter! That kid has a sense of profanity that is almost inspirational! When he lectures, I am picturing barrels FULL of rutting, capering gibbons and primates! HAR HAR HAR!!!
Oh man - this is AWESOME! The comedy and rudeness are at almost lethal levels!

And once the novelty of the grade 8 humour finally blew out... I started to think. Good grief... is it really that bad out there? Is this what has become of our daughters? If so, good lord...our sons... I'm asking because I don't know. My own daughter chose a degenerate sexual lifestyle and we no longer speak. I see stuff all the time by 4th wave feminists with what can only be described as poisoned minds. I see the pain and hurt in the Manosphere everywhere. I used to sanctimoniously chide Bob for not understanding the feral liberated modern woman - cripes, I underestimated her by orders of magnitude myself, if this is common.

When I'm at the rod n' gun club we pick on the young guys all the time and I like to take part by heaving a dramatic sigh and rhetorically asking my fellow cranks, "Who is gonna take care of us when we turn 65?" (And of course the little shits always make some rude comment that Darwin or Murphy will get us first). If this is the new normal - and the divorce stats back that up - are the lights even going to be on when I turn 65?

Is Darwin coming for us all?

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