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Thursday, 19 January 2017

So. Trump Day Tomorrow, Eh?

I'm splitting a gut. It's the stuff of high comedy and entertainment. Lefties are buying guns they don't know how to use because Trump's brown shirts will  be out rounding up the queers and negroes. They're preparing bug out bags for their kitties and are frantically trying to source ethically grown vegetarian MRE's. Hairy chested lesbian feminists are vowing to fight to the last man, HAR HAR HAR!!!

So, I am gonna gaze into my crystal ball and set everyone at ease! We'll see how I do shortly:

  1. Trump is gonna repeal Obutthole's stupider executive orders right out of the gate. (That's a slam-dung; I think I read that one already somewhere on the innertubes). The thing is they won't be controversial reversals - they will be the orders that were clearly failures and people will wonder why The Gay Mulatto didn't reverse them herself! Put that shot gun away, you hysterical hermaphrodite, before you hurt yourself.
  2. He's got his victims picked out and ready to shoot. They will be blatantly obvious swamp predators that should have been put down long ago - and even the lefties will cheer as Trump figuratively fires them out of a cannon.
  3. That is going to scare the living bejeebers out of the rest of them. He is going to make a big show out of grilling them and forcing a few of the more blatantly fishy ones to account for themselves.
  4. He is going to look awfully hard at his trade partners - particularly the beaners but us up here in Canada too and he is gonna ask the obvious question: "What have you guys done for me lately...?" Mexico is going to the wood shed; and Turdo La Doo is going to get a very stern lecture. I would like to take this moment to inform our new American Overlord that Turdo does not speak for Alberta and never has. In fact, outside Morontario and Queerbec he has no real credibility or presence).
  5. He is gonna fire the media. They are a big problem in The Swamp and he doesn't need them. Nor do we, for that matter. It is not only their dishonesty and bias that has made them useless, it is technology too. He can get his message straight to the people, unfiltered or censored or spun - and all the media can do is cheer or fume the same as any of us.
  6. He is going to have to make some very, very unpopular decisions. So much has gone on for so long unchecked that the cost of repairs have gone straight up. The welfare/entitlement class is in for a well-deserved boot up the arse - or at least, the abusers are. Trump will not attack the innocent as there is no PR value in that. America is not going to vote its way out of the hole it dug for itself - but the abusers, shirkers and slackers will be doing their share to redeem the nation.
This is a man that thinks before he acts. People are going to learn that it is to their greater benefit to play ball than to play dirty. He will make blunders as every president before him has - but unlike the last he will self correct too.

Congratulations on your new President, Americans.


  1. Pretty much on the mark, I'd say.

  2. A good friend of mine is gay. He owns his own business and works a second job part time - the money is really good. He voted for Trump. Why?

    "Because Trump is the only one who'll stop people coming in [to the U.S.] who want to kill my ass."

    Item 4: I don't believe that Trump would ever castigate or criticize another country for taking advantage of the United States. That's business, and that's what happens in business if you don't protect yourself. What I think he will do is decide what the US should have by way of a trade deal, what the US should be willing to accept, then invite the principals over for a business lunch. He won't have to give any trade agreement much thought; he's been there too many times.

    1. I can sympathize with your gay friend, WL. I can handle queers that are courteous, discrete and respectful. But the vast majority of them are freak shows and train wrecks and to be quite honest - if you gave me a good clean shot at some of 'em - I would have to think about it and have a long conversation with my Maker before passing it up! :) HAR HAR HAR - I wish your friend well. I suppose one has to respect it when members of designated victim groups burn their pink cards and play on the up and square like the rest of us.

      Mexico is going to the wood shed. They're in violation of any number of trade agreements, they've been corrupt as hell in dealing with illegal migrants passing through their country on the way to the US and put simply, you can't trade amicably with partners you can't trust. Mexico has treated America with contempt and now they need to be shown the error of their ways. They will be footing the bill for the corrective measures taken, without doubt.

      Trump WILL talk with us - Canada has been getting a bit of a free ride on some things but has returned value in others. Thank God our current liberal Swine Minister is smart enough not to make an enemy of Americans - the little shit has been uncharacteristically mature in that regard so far. He has to tread very likely because Canada has a swamp of its own and 2/3 of the country is heartily sick of it.