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Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Pistoleers...

This is how I see myself when I'm shooting at the pistol range.
Everyone else sees the fat old guy
with eye/hand coordination problems issues challenges.

That isn't me!!! I ain't that heavy...yet.

I knocked off for an early lunch after a particularly pleasant visit with a customer this morning and dipped into the shooting centre at about a quarter to noon. I am FINALLY starting to shoot like me again.

Back in the day, normal kids bought porn and hot rod magazines in high school. I bought the gun rags. Some of my heroes were modern AND old time cow punchers like Skeeter Skelton and Bill Jordan. Both of those men were accomplished law men and blooded gun fighters and spectacular BSers story tellers. But I learned more from guys like Bob Milek and John Wooters to whom the pistol was much more than a mere defensive weapon. Those guys developed and pioneered the idea of the pistol being much more than that - to them the pistol became a pocket rifle! They shot speciality single shot pistols chambered in exotic calibres and some of them are mainstream cartridges now. Back then they were knocking down moose and elk with their guns and I wanted to be just like them one day. I worked hard at it and for awhile - I was a fairly accomplished handgunner in my own right for awhile.

Because our government is run by faggots and liberals here in Canada,
we do not have handgun hunting here.
At least, it's not legal, should ya get caught at it.
Looks like John dumped a fine mulie here...

This cigar smoking gentleman is Elmer Kieth. He worked with Smith & Wesson
to develop the mighty .44 Magnum. I think he was
the brains behind the .41 too - but I could be wrong on that.
He hunted with handguns too!

Everything in the pistol is about trigger management. And - a good mechanical trigger is a "must". Because of scum lawyers, frivolous lawsuits and victim mentality - all the gun makers furnish their guns nowadays with heavy, long, SHITTY triggers that have to be slicked up either with a kit or hand tuning by a certed gunsmith. To shoot well you must train your mind far more so than your hands; you need to squeeze through the shot, and keep aiming at the target even as the hammer falls and the gun recoils - the coaches call it "follow through". Doing all that requires you to be counterintuitive, and be conscious of several things going on at once. I have been re-learning the handgun trigger for the last little bit and had my best day today.

Again. Again, with the one flier. (The other one's a line breaker so I'll take it as
per the regs...but that one in the 6?
There is no obscenity or profanity powerful enough to express my rage
with that one solitary shot. Fortunately I am
a good natured sportsman not given to using profanity
as a public expression of stupidity...

I am still throwing the odd shot - the result of poor concentration more so than shaky and windy hands - but those thrown shots are staying closer to the black now. It's coming back...slowly. I did alright with the .45 Colt and then pulled out the .22.

Pew pew pew pew pew
Pew pew pew pew pew
Pew pew pew pew pew
Pew pew pew pew  - Doh!!! Fer Fffff......Gawda...ahhh... Lookit that
last shot!!! AGAIN!!! Right in the middle of the 6 ring, like a great big
weeping pustule of a zit on a pretty girl's face!!!
Wirecutter, Uncle Bob and Pete wouldn't wipe their arse with
a target like that...but
for me that is as good as it gets for now.

Gasp....gasp....settle down Filthie...!!  BREATHE... Iiiiiiiin.....oooooouuuuuut! Steady lad! Why do the marksmanship gods mock me and piddle upon me? Just one - all I want is just one target where they're all in the black. Is that to much to ask? I better go lay down....

Welp, looks like I just got cut from the Texas Rangers.
I'm sorry, Bill - your greatest fan boy is gonna need a few more
sessions at the range - But I'll get there...
I don't think even the RCMP would put up with shooting like mine!

I'll put the guns in the truck tomorrow and dip in again if time permits. What time do the bars open? Maybe if I get drunk BEFORE I shoot... my scores will improve!

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